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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Best Day of the Week for Gigs

It seems that Fridays have been the most favored day for live music gigs around town with most regularity happening on Fridays at the Chinese House, Velkommen Inn, Rory's Bar, The Cavern and Barbados. I think the Memphis Bar has it's biggest night on a Friday - but may be Bonna could confirm that one.

When Talkin' to a Stranger has gigs their preference is for Fridays but they used to also have a perchance for the Sunday afternoon time slot (the two guys from the Australian embassy doing acoustic folk and contemporary ballads). The same venue a year or two ago had a regular Wednesday night gig for the Mekong Messengers. When they had the bigger acts (e.g.: The Happy Lucky Love You Long Time Band and Dengue Fever) then they preferred a packed-out Friday night - and it usually worked.

Wednesday night gigs have also been implemented by La Croisette and I believe Charlie and Patrick still regularly play that time slot.

Sharkys will generally have a band for a Friday or a Saturday night - such as has been happening with Route 66 - but generally they will have a band on most any night that a special day falls, e.g.: 4th of July, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo etc. . They are looking at putting on The Hellhounds for their monthly Sunday BBQs and on every Monday night during October.

The Cavern is having an open-mike on Thursdays currently and that is generally facilitated by the guys from Lazy Jazz Punks.

There have been some regular Saturday gigs with DSco: The Geckos of Love playing at Touk and also soon to be the Stiff Little Punks. However it seems to me that Fridays are the favored day by most publicans presently.

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