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Current Bands

Here is an initial list of expat bands / musicians that regularly play around Phnom Penh. Please don't feel bad if I missed you out - just add to the list my emailing me or adding some spiel to this blog. From what I can remember, in the time I have given to this, there is:
  1. Route 66
  2. Mekong Pirates
  3. Charlie and Patrick
  4. The Hellhounds
  5. The Stiff Little Punks
  6. D'Sco: The Geckos of Love
  7. Mispent Yooth
  8. Rock Xpress (Memphis Bar Band)
  9. Bum N' Draze
  10. Beer O'Clock Band
  11. Lazy Jazz Punks
  12. Dr JP and the Nurses
  13. Kanlat Rik RiƩ
  14. ........................ any more ???
Cheers for any contributors

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