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Open-Mike Session at The Cavern

It was happening last week at The Cavern - no doubt.

The Cavern is pretty much as good a venue as you can get in Phnom Penh for combining an assorted mix of musicians looking for a place to play. Although the space, sound and equipment are all issues, it still offers a great, uninhibited venue with a cool, receptive and appreciative audience all hankering for an eclectic musical creation.

Lazy Jazz Punks started off with some 70s rock, punk & English folk covers with various people getting up on a range of instruments between and within the set's songs. Melanie then followed with a series of rough-edged, rock & roll ballads done the way only Melanie can and with Browyn getting up on vocals on the first song. Jonas "Little Duke" then introduced himself and his clean, smooth and delightfully bluesy slide. The crowd then called for a version of "Sesame Street" (which was placated) before D'Sco: The Geckos of Love continued with a series of songs from their selection of acoustic, harmonized "torch" songs. Their rendition of Eric Clapton's "Change the World" being particularly memorable.

It will all be happenning again this Thursday so anybody looking for a place to play is encouraged to join Ian and the rest of the band at The Cavern (Street 104) this Thursday starting around 9:00PM.

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