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Phnom Penh Music Festival

As you may have seen by the poll on the right-hand-side of this blog there is a suggestion that a weekend of music could be organized that involves any local expat or Cambodian bands or solo artists that wish to take part. The model that I believe warrants most merit has the following structure:
  • Selected venues (who pay to participate) - see a list of suggested venues I compiled in an earlier post
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday - lunchtime, afternoon and night
    • Saturday night having the biggest performance - i.e.: best venue, most bands
    • Schedule allows other musicians to catch or join any other performance as they wish
  • Sponsorship- which can allow funding for:
    • Equipment
    • T-shirts
    • Promotion - flyers, advertising etc.
The big question is : "Why even do it?'.

There has to be some level of benefit but I (for one) think there is enough charitable work being done out there in Cambodia already. The obvious answer for the recipient of any benefits would be the live music community (i.e.: the participants of the Festival) - e.g.: recording/production time, equipment etc.. But all those examples just hanker for some sort of communal based benefits system - which usually doesn't work if you ask me.. In the end the idea would be to facilitate a greater amount of creativity to the music scene here and to allow it to become more established and productive.

May be there's no need for this? May be a Battle of the Bands with prize-money would do better? Personally, I would tend towards a prize-money based thing but that would take a lot more to organize. Having a Battle of the Bands would bring in the following points into the scenario:
  • It is more likely to bring in local Cambodian bands
  • There would have to be an established set of rules
  • Swapping band members may have to be avoided  (?)
  • It is more likely to draw interest and attention
  • It is more likely able to be conducted on a regular basis (e.g.: yearly)
  • It could be held over a number of weekends with a grand finale
  • It will has a greater franchise potential - thus more people gain the enjoyment of participation, e.g.: crowd and venues
Please post any comments below and don't forget to feed the fish.


  1. What, no swapping??? That'd take all the fun out of it. ;)

  2. Yeah. You could be right. Allowing line-ups to change will also make it easier for people to be involved - especially given there is a dearth of musicians for particular instruments - e.g.: drums


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