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Abbey Road/Beatles Tribute - calling all musicians

Singers, guitarists, bass players, brassers and stringers, keyboard plunkers and drum thwackers ----

attention: 26 September is the 40th anniversary of the release of Abbey Road, and for the occasion the Cavern on 104 street will be hosting a Beatles tribute night - including the entire Abbey Road album - with a Phnom Penh expat supergroup The Magical Mystery Tourists (personnel still to be finalised but likely to include members of D'Sco: the geckos of love, Lazy Jazz Punks, Hellhounds).

We are looking for as much variety as possible, with a rotation of singers and instrumentalists throughout the night.

If you are interested in getting involved with this exciting event, please contact me via smbywater@yahoo dot com.

Apart from any other impromptu rehearsals we can arrange, we are planning one major gathering on the Monday prior (at the end of Pchum Ben) through the afternoon and into the evening.

Especially interested in hearing someone that can play Blackbird on the tuba (trombone as a second choice)


  1. Cool. The 26th of September is at the end of a week choc-o-block full of holidays

  2. Correct me if I am wrong but there were 17 tracks on the album (as far as the info I have here). They are:

    1. Come Together
    2. Sometyhing
    3. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
    4. Oh! Darling
    5. Octopus's Garden
    6. I Want You (She's So heavy)
    7. Here Comes the Sun
    8. Because
    9. You Never Give Me Your Money
    10. Sun King
    11. Mean Mr. Mustard
    12. Polythene Pam
    13. She Came in Through the Bathroom Window
    14. Golden Slumbers
    15. Carry That Weight
    16. The End
    17. Her Majesty

    For words and chords I would generally use:

    e.g.: http://www.azchords.com/b/beatles-tabs-410.html

    e.g.: http://www.chordie.com/song.php/songartist/Beatles/index.html

  3. Thanks for that, TT. Beat me to it.

    I will be putting together simple chord charts etc over the next few days, and I also have a copy of the album for anyone that wants a refresher listen.

  4. Thanks "Television Ted" for this precisions.


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