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Drummers and General Stuff

Where have all the drummers gone?

I guess they have all packed up their kits and gone home - refusing to play with anyone due to the overwhelming amount of gear they have to haul around and with no appreciation by other band members!!! There have been several calls by several people over the past few weeks looking for drummers to join bands so if anybody knows of any please throw a net over them, tie them up, obtain their telephone, extract the telephone number and then post it on the blog here.

The Hellhounds now have a date for their return - being 9:00PM Friday next week at the Velkommen Inn (11th of September, 2009) - as Steve Goodman has returned from his summer sojourn. This means the Beer O'clock Band will also make it's return on the same day and same venue albeit starting slightly earlier (at around beer O'clock). The Beer O'clock Band will most likely be joined by Kristen Rasmussen who will add her sensual and caressing tones to the vocals of many of the songs. Kristen has often sang with the Curtis King Band when they hop over from Vietnam for their Sharky's gigs. If you haven't heard her sing yet then it will be well worth getting down there on the 11th of this month. More details when the time gets closer.

At this point there are 4 up and coming music gigs. I will make a summary of all that is happenning when closer to the weekend but at the moment there is:
  • DSco: The Geckos of Love playing at the Chinese House on Saturday night
  • Mispent Yooth have two gigs - Friday at Talkin to a Stranger and Saturday at Touk
  • Anton at the Art CafĂ© is putting on a memorial for Mauricio Kagel. If you have never caught one of Antons performances or one of the people he brings in then it is well worth going. You can get a a really great meal and be entertained by some top quality music. It is also worth talking to Anton if you are looking for a gig.
  • There is also some classical music put on by the CJCC on Friday (more details later)
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