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It can be lonely enough being an artist/musician/writer/whatever back in the west - but the sense of isolation is intensified here in Phnom Penh, a much smaller population of ever enclosing expatness ...

So I want to give thanks to all the new people I've been playing with in recent months - it's great to be sharing and risking and just plain old making music, whether the audience be a packed crowd or merely the other members of the band.

I also want to thank Television Ted for getting this blog up and running. I can see that it's already helping create a sense of community for musicians of whatever stripe; a place to go to see who's playing, what ideas are being discussed, and to share information that is usually only swapped late at night shouting drunkenly into someone's ear (not that there's anything wrong with that necessarily).

Here's to the wild and crazy PP nights of making music, and to more and more of the same, however it is configured!


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