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Live Music this Week - Thursday, 10th September 2009

Quite a few gigs on this week. The list I have compiled is as follows:
  • Charlie is playing tonight (Thursday) at Touk Bar & Restaurant
  • D'Sco: The Geckos of Love have two gigs on this weekend. They play Friday at the Sayon Café (not sure if the place have settled on that name yet !?!) and on Sunday afternoon they play a bluesy, boozy and boppy set at Talkin to a Stranger starting at 4:00PM.
  • The Lazy Jazz Punks also have two performances for the weekend. Their Open-Mike at The Cavern has been moved to a Friday and they also play at the Touk Bar & Restaurant on Saturday. Both gigs starting around 9:00PM-ish
  • The Hellhounds are set to return to the Velkommen Inn on Friday also - starting around 9:00PM
  • The Beer O'Clock Band will also be at the Velkommen Inn starting at beer o'clock (i.e.: anytime you feel like having your first beer - which, for them, is around 6:00PM on a Friday). Note this is also an open-mike arrangement so they invite anybody wishing to get up and do a tune or two or more to do so.
  • Friday also sees Chow host Juram Gavero. Juram is a Filipino singer-songwriter who bases himself in Ho Chi Minh. He is a friend of Davis Zunk (who some of you will know from his days with the Happy Lucky Love You Long Time band) and is here for his second trip. Juram Gavero also plays the FCC rooftop on Saturday
  • I presume Charlie & Patrick will be playing their regular gig at Barbados
  • I haven't heard from Anton at the Art Café this week but believe he is hosting "A Touch of Vienna" which incorporates court music of the outgoing 18th century various compositions by the “Vienna masters” Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert.

That's it ! Thanks to Soddy for updating me on a lot of the info

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  1. I can now confirm that Antons "Touch of Vienna" is on Saturday the 12th of September, 2009 starting at 7:00PM


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