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Live Music On this Weekend - Friday, 16th of October, 2009


If you are out and about this weekend looking for live music then you can get your hit by using the following:
  1. Friday evening starts with the boys from the Beer O'Clock Band at the Velkommen Inn starting at 6:00PM. Feel free to sing and play as they always enjoy a mix of songs and musos. 
  2. They will be followed by The Hellhounds who will start at 8:20PM
  3. Ritchy & Phil will be on the rooftop at the FCC this Friday also. They are a duet playing jazz-pop, with just a set of keys and a a set of drums they give all and sundry a very entertaining night.
  4. Mispent Yooth play Talkin' to a Stranger this Friday starting at about 9:00PM. They play a great set of songs and feature Chris on guitar and vocals, Mathius on e-violin and harmonica and Dave on bass and vocals.
  5. There is a rumour that the Lazy Jazz Drunks will be at The Cavern this Friday also - so if you passing then drop-in to see if it is true.
  6. The Stiff Little Punks will play their last ever gig this Saturday at the Shanghai Bar (cnr streets 172 and 51). It is in celebration of the 9th anniversary of the place so it should be a totally great time. The band starts at 10:00PM
  7. On Sunday the Lazy Jazz Drunks will be playing at Huxleys Bar & Restaurant (Street 136 toward the river) - starting 10:30PM. The Lazy Jazz Drunks is a full piece 6 member band with vox, keyboards, drums bass, 2 guitars and harmonica. New sets and new vibe.
  8. The Hellhounds play at Sharkey Bar this Monday for their Monday Night Bluesbreaker series - starts 8:30PM.
  9. Next Thursday D'Sco: The Geckos of Love will be at the Sayon Silkworks. Always a great gig this one, with a great atmosphere and well performed set of eclectic tunes. Starts around 7:00PM
Also lifted from the BongThom.com web site is the following:

Oscar Bar
#8 street 258, Tel:016 862 730. Khmer and Western food, Happy hour from 4-8pm, Free Pool, Free internet, Open mic always, Live music every Thursday and Friday night and a warm friendly

I haven't had a chance to check it out yet but will try to get down there this weekend.

See you around the traps

1 comment:

  1. Correction.

    Sorry I got a couple of the times wrong.

    1. The Stiff Little Punks start at 9:00PM on Saturday at the Shanghai and play until 10:00PM

    2. The Lazy Jazz Drunks start at 6:00PM and play until 10:30PM this Sunday at Huxley's


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