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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Live Music This Weekend - Thursday 1st of October, 2009

Here is the latest:
  1. D'Sco: The Geckos of Love ar at the Sayon Silklounge tonight. If you haven't been there yet then it is a good place to relax and their coffee is definitely recommended.
  2. The Beer O'Clock Band will do their regular time slot between the hours of 6:00PM to 8:30PM at the Velkommen Inn
  3. The Hellhounds will follow with their Cajun, blues stuff at the Velkommen Inn also
  4. The Stiff Little Punks will play their final gig at Huxleys this Friday starting at 10:00PM. Should be a great gig - looking forward to catching some hopefully
  5. On Sunday lunchtime at The Winking Frog there is an Australian folk singer being Tony from the Turrels. This is a special performance for the 1st year anniversary of the Winking Frog 
  6. On Sunday at the Art Café there is a special performance of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart presnted in GAKO a traditional Korean vocal form - not sure the time but presumably aroun dinner time. The performance features
    1. Soprano - Myoungsil Kim/Namjoo Lee
    2. Tenor - Hyunmin Kim
    3. Baritone -  Namkyu Kim
    4. Piano - Hyejin Lee
  7. The Hellhounds will aslo play Monday at Sharky Bar starting at around 9:00PM. This a a new regular gig for them that will continue throughout October on the same day.
Also the big news is that the legendary Australian guitar player Phil Manning will be playing at the FCCC and Chow on November 13th and 14th. More news on that as it comes to hand

If you know of any gigs or events coming up then please let me know. You can send them to FREETIME[chuck in the AT sign]BongThom.com.

Cheers and see you around the traps

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