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Other Useful Web Sites and Blogs

Have you seen the link list on the Leng Pleng Blog? It has a list of web sites that are relevant to musicians in Cambodia.

The latest edition is Following the Applause from Scott Bywater (D'Sco: The Geckos of Love, Lazy Jazz Drunks, The Hellhounds Extended Version). It is a blog "to record all manner of musical events that occur in Phnom Penh. For anyone who wants to find out just happened in the shadows of the gig guide listing, that didn't have a photographer sent for the social pages -- to capture the life of the Phnom Penh music scene at its roots.". It will be a great resource for letting people know what is happenning around town, where to go and what to see in terms of live music, and what can be done to get the vibe from the Phnom Penh music scene and surrounds. The blog can be found at http://PhnomPenhGigs.Blogspot.com

Also included in the Leng Pleng blog are links to other great sites:
 If you have any links you would like included then just let me know.


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  1. Thanks for the add, TT.

    The vision is to gather together a narrative of what things are going on musically in the city, so folks wanting to find some music can figure out what is findable where. As ever, audience participation is encouraged.

    Also I draw to your attention http://www.myspace.com/scottmbywater


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