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Live Music This Weekend - Friday 27th November, 2009

A little quiet this weekend. Might be time to get that band together that you've always wanted to do?! I know The Cavern is looking for people / bands to play. Please don't forget to contact me with the details of yourself and your band as outlined in my last email. I will post it on the blog once it is complete so that it will make it easier to know who is available, who is in town and how to contact them.

These are the scheduled gigs so far:
  • Tree will play the Velkommen Inn this Friday at 8:00PM. Tree is a solo act with an acoustic guitar and a singing voice that makes the girls go all starry-eyed and cuddly. So if you need to get a little closer to your girl then get down there - it works better than red wine.
  • Mispent Yooth are playing at Talkin' to a Stranger starting at 8:00PM. Mispent Yooth are a professional outfit with Dave, Chris and Mathius playing a range of jazz, blues, and pop. They are a great night of dancing and Talkin' has a good atmosphere when they play.
  • Lost Highway are playing at Sharkys this Friday and Saturday starting at 9:00PM. This is a new formation from the boys from Sihanoukville. They come to the PP for what always turns out to be a totally cool night of entertaining rock & roll, blues and country at the regions best rock & roll bar.
  • The Lazy Jazz Drunks are set to demolish Rory's Pub on Street 178 this Saturday starting at 8:00PM. This gig will be a great time with front-man Ian taking the audience on a tour of the English music scene of the late 70's. Last time I saw them at Rorys it was an absolute blast.
  • If you are in Saigon over the weekend you can catch Trane Trio at the Long Phi Bar on Saturday after midnight - 325 Pham Ngu Lao.
Coming up:
  • Lazy Jazz Drunks at Huxley's
  • Stiff Little Punks with special guests Osama Bin Laden, Suddam Hussain and Adolf Hitler
  • The Beer O'Clock Band at Oscars
  • The Hellhounds at Sharkys and at Talkin' to a Stranger
  • Little Duke and Television Ted debut
Please let me know if there are any gigs I have missed.

Cheers and see you around the traps.

Live Music This Weekend - Friday the 13th of November. 2009

After a bit of a hiatus due to commitments associated with holidays, traveling and relaxing Television Ted is back at the wheel with news of a great line up of music for this weekend. Here it is:
  • Tree will be playing the Velkommen Inn this Friday evening. Tree does a mix of contemporary ballads with an acoustic guitar and a wonderful singing voice.
  • The big news is the arrival of Phil Manning in Phnom Penh for two gigs only. These will be at the FCC rooftop oin Friday and Saturday the 13th and 14th. The show starts at 7:00PM with The Hellhounds (on Friday) and The Hellhounds (Extended version) (on Saturday) doing two warm-up sets. If you like Blues / Roots then this one is not to be missed - Phil is the founding member of the Australian legendary blues/rock band Chain that put out some totally superb albums back in the 60's and 70's. He is a wonderfull finger-picker and has shared the stage with many of the genre's greatest names, including Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee, Albert Collins, Freddie King and even Bo Diddley.You can see a write-up of Phil by the FCC here: http://www.fcccambodia.com/newsletter/1109/phil-manning.php?r=h
  • Bum 'N Draze - the entertainers from hell - will be doing a show a Sharkys again this Friday. The show (and it REALLY is a show) starts around 9:00PM. If you want to go then make sure you get there at start time because it is always a spectacle. Bum 'N Draze are a Finish duet consisting of only bass and drums and they do a range of heavy, death metal the way only Bum 'N Draze can. You will either love 'em or hate 'em
  • D'Sco: The Geckos of Love (Extended) will be at Talkin' to a Stranger this Friday and also on Sunday afternoon. The Friday gig will be a part of Talkin's Blind Date night where singles become couples
  • Gasolina is having live music this Friday also - but just who it is is unknown to me right now.  Whomever it is - its starts at 7:00PM
  • The Messenger Band are a Khmer a Capella band. They are all former garment factory workers and are performing with Kong Nai - renowned champei master (traditional Cambodian 2-stringed guitar) and the "Ray Charles" of Cambodia. They will perform at the Meta House on Saturday starting at 7:00PM
  • The Hellhounds will start a new regular gig at Sharkys next Thursday. The last gig they played there was a real beauty and as such is well worth getting down to see the whole 5-piece do their stuff.
Coming up:
  • The Black Panthers debut gig at the Chinese House
  • Lazy Jazz Drunks at Huxleys
Please let me know if there are any other gigs which I have missed and I will add them forthwith.

Cheers and see you around the traps.

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