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Call for Musicians for Jam Night at Penhstock


This Thursday night Sharky Bar will be putting on Penhstock - Cambodia's equivalent to Woodstock. It will feature not less than six local bands !!!. This is unprecedented in Cambodia I believe and will culminate in a session after about 1:00AM where all musicians will be welcomed to get up and sing / play. The featured bands will include:
  • Bum n' Draze
  • Lost Highway
  • Stiff Little Punks
  • The Hellhounds
  • JP and the Nurses
  • The Happy Cockroaches
It all starts some time after 6:00PM this Thursday the 31st of December. See you there and don't forget to put some flowers in your hair.

There will be more music on at Sharkys on the Friday and Saturday following with Lost Highway playing on Friday and (the almost famous) Plan B from Australia playing with a huge horn section on Saturday night. There may be other bands featured on these two subsequent nights also.

Cheers and see you around the traps.

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