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Live Music This Weekend - Friday 11th of December

The are a few gigs on this weekend - mainly from the until recently defunct but resurrected Stiff Little Punks who are up to 3 gigs for the weekend. Make sure you catch at least one of them. It seems that Kheltica have managed to add the Baitong Restaurant to the list of bars offering live music so try and support it if you can. The same goes for the Frog & Shamrock who are hosting the Stiff Little Punks on Saturday.

This Weekends Gig Guide
  • Tree plays the Velkommen Inn. The Velkommen is a great place to get down to straight after work for a few beers - plus their menu is totally worth a try if you haven't already. The music starts around 8:30PM
  • Stiff Little Punks do the first of their three gigs at 10PM at The Cavern
  • Kheltica are playing tonight at the Baitong Restaurant (NÂș. 7, Street 360). They are staring at 8:30PM. The spiel goes like this: " provide an entente chordial of musical traditions from France and the British Isles. Jean-Claude on flute and whistles, David on Guitar, Philip on fiddle, Chin on Chinese violin and Feargal on guitar and lyrics perform an eclectic mix of folk songs and dances from Brittany blended with traditional Irish and Scottish folk tunes and songs."
  • The Mekong Pirates will be at the Chinese House on Saturday night with their BIG BRASS sound in combination with the accordion and backed up with a bouncy, fun and versitile rhythm section. The vocals and the song selection also means that you will have a really great night of dancing and enjoyable entertainment. One not to miss!
  • Another good option is the Frog & Shamrock 9:30PM where the  Stiff Little Punks will play their second gig for the weekend.
  • The Stiff Little Punks play again at 3:00PM the following day at Gasolina
  • Talkin' to a Stranger will also have D'Sco: The Geckos of Love. This is part of a series of gigs that will happen at Talkin' that includes several gigs by international artists (see below). Talkin' are really doing a lot for live music here in Phnom Penh so please get down there and see the gigs. Talkin has a great outdoor garden and ambience much akin to relaxing, berr / wine-drinking and music.
Coming Up
  • Curtis King Band at Sharky's and Talkin' to a Stranger - backed up by the another anticipated return  to Phnom Penh by Davis Zunk.
  • Battle of the Bands - Sharky's New Year's Eve party
  • Paul Benoit at  Talkin' to a Stranger. Paul is an accoustic, roots-rock, pop, folk, blues singer / songwriter and will be here closer the Christmas. See http://www.paulbenoitmusic.com/Bio/index.htm for more details.
  • The Memphis Bar is hosting an international act from Australia for the New Year. It is being billed as ther Plan B Concert
Cheers and see you around the traps.

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