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Live Music This Weekend - Friday 18-Dec-2009

The coming week wil be a-buzzin' with live music - as it usually is in the week before Christmas.

The Curtis King Band is in town with their popular brand of electrified blues and rock & roll legendary tunes. They will play twice - tonight at Talkin' to a Stranger which will be more a jam session with a mix a musicians, a cut-down drum set and a more intimate and motivated atmosphere. Tomorrow they will play at Sharkys for the bar's 14th anniversary party. That should be a blast with the full band kitted out to play a major session - looking forward to it.

Also, since my last blog post, there has seen the emergence of the a new experience - The Cambodian Space Project. This has been put together by Julian Poulsen who is on his third (I think) trip from Australia to the land of dust and confusion. As always, he brings a sense of buzz and excitement to the music scene here with his professional, inclusive, creative and eclectic mix which is always so inspiring and unique. I really encourage everyone to get to see a set from this setup - especially of the current line-up with Davis Zunk on bass.

We will also be spoilt with a visit from the United States in the form of Paul Benoit. Paul is a blues/roots/country acoustic player and he will do a show at Talkin' to a Stranger this coming Wednesday. See http://www.paulbenoitmusic.com/Bio/index.htm for more details.

Here are the gigs for the coming week:
  1. Tree will be at the Velkommen Inn crooning the girls that pass by down the 104 avenue - starts at about 8:30PM
  2. The Curtis King Band will play at Talkin'to a Stranger. Show starts around 8:30PM or 9:00PM
  3. For the more culturally-inclined there is the 3rd Annual Friendship Concert - this is a classical performance featuring both Cambodian and Japanese players. It is at the ITC University (Cambodia-Japanese Friendship Centre) and starts at 3:00PM
  4. The Lazy Jazz Drunks will play at Rory's on Saturday night starting around 8:00PM
  5. The Messenger Band play the Meta House at 7:00PM. This is a group consisting of garment factory workers and they do a collection of Khmer songs - last I heard they were playing with Kong Nai the famous Champei player.
  6. Ritchy& Phil will play at the FCC on Saturday. They are a duo who put on a totally entertaining show of jazz, Rn'B and pop. Well worth getting there - it starts at 8:00PM
  7. The Curtis King Band will play at Sharkys 14th Anniversary party - should be huuuuuuugggggeee !!! Starts around 9:00PM
  8. The Hellhounds play their blues-roots-cajun stuff at Talkin' to a Stranger again this Sunday - starts around 6:00PM and is a great place to relax and hear some great sounds on a Sunday evening. With a bit of luck they may be joined by ex- and founding member Davis Zunk.
  9. On Wednesday the 23rd of December at Talkin to a Stranger Paul Benoit will do a show. Not to be missed and a great lead up to Christmas. There will be a warm-up set by The Hellhounds starting at 7:30PM followed by a set or two by Paul. The next set will hopefully turn into a more eclectic mix of those musicians present.
Coming Up
  • Battle of the Bands - Sharky's New Year's Eve party
  • The Hellhounds will start a series of regular Friday night gigs at Talkin' to a Stranger and Thursdays at Sharkys
  • International act from Australia  Plan B will play at the Memphis Bar and at Sharkys
  • The Cambodian Space Project will host a boat trip along with the Alley Cat CafĂ©. More details here
Cheers and see you around the traps !

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