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Live Music This Weekend - 21st of January, 2010

Another weekend of live music a-commin' your way from the Leng Pleng blog. It is now confirmed that the information in this gig guide will be incorporated into the Phnom Penh Post's 7-Days guide so please update me with any gig info as you see fit.

Happy to say that another spectacular band has burst onto the local music scene here with the introduction of Cacath & los Popork. They put on a great performance last week at Equinox's 4th birthday party - which turned out to be a great show - see http://phnompenhgigs.blogspot.com/2010/01/from-burger-fuelled-hounds-to-cake-for.html for more details. They play a rythmy, jazzy, bouncy mix and (as is becoming more the norm in the current local music scene), portray their sounds via a combination of mostly amplified acoustic plus electrified instruments - drums, acoustic guitar, trumpet, percussion. Classic!

This week there are two more international bands. Here is this weeks gig guide:
  1. The Hellhounds continue their Blue Cheese and Hellhounds Burger series at Sharky Bar tonight (Thursday) starting at 9:00PM. Their unmistakable sound and song selection coming to a place they like it to be now that Ross at Sharkys has his way with the sound equipment. Dan 'the Swedish Ambassador' Ögren (see Dan Ögren's Music Site) will be back in the line-up. Thanks to '12-Fingers' Dave for filling in during Dan's sojourn.
  2. Velkommen Inn will again host the dulcet, soothing, honey-flavored tones of Tree Molsolf on Friday starting at around 8:00PM.
  3. The Cavern continue to support the live music arena on Street 104 by hosting Shangri La. This is a later gig that starts at 10:00PM on Friday.
  4. Repris de Justesse from Switzerland are playing at Memphis Bar this Friday. This continues Memphis Bar's hosting of international acts so get down there and support them. Memphis not only hosts these guys but, as most of you will know, has one of the best constant live music shows in town. Well worth getting down there for dancers and musicians alike any night of the week.
  5. The Stiff Little Punks will make their debut solo gig (i.e.: not counting their appearance at Penhfest last last year) at Sharky Bar on Friday night. They were a premium act at said gig last time and hence expect a crowd - especially since the Joker Draw has finally been won.
  6. The FCC Phnom Penh once again are hosting Bad Neighbors. These guys come across from Vietnam and regularly play their big-sound, Latin-flavored dance-mix at the FCC. It is always a great show and often completely packs out the down stairs venue. They are playing there on Saturday night.
  7. Repris de Justesse also play at Sharky Bar this weekend. They will play on Saturday night and completes a treble of live music for the week at Sharky's. 
  8. The Cambodian Space Project continue to add more venues to their resume by playing on Australia Day at Snowy's Bar (i.e.: actually called Maxines). That will be Tuesday the 26th of January.Maxines is located on the other side of the river from Phnom Penh proper. To get there go across the Chroy Changva (Japanese) Bridge and take the first right on the other side, drive to the end then turn right again and then left at the river. It's about 100m up on the right-hand-side.
Coming Up:
  • Cambodian Space Project - Meta House, La Croisette, Studio 182
  • Little Duke and Television Ted's debut gig - stay posted.
Cheers and see you around the traps


  1. Cheers Ted - breaking news!
    'Repris de Justesse' also play a free gig tomorrow afternoon(sat 23rd)to celebrate 15 years of street kids NGO Friends-International at the Mith Samlanh Centre (behind the Friends restaurant, st 13), from 2.00pm. Everybody welcome, be there or be square!!

  2. The Cambodian Space Project will play Snowies Bar (across the river) this Tuesday the 26th of January, 2010 for the Australia Day celebration. The start time is on (or just before sunset) at 6:00PM. See you there !!!


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