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Live Music This Weekend - Friday 29th of January, 2010

The Cambodian Space Project and Ritchy & Phil are totally dominatig the live music scene this week with a total of 8 gigs coming up for the two bands over the next couple of weeks. The Hellhounds gigs at Sharkys have been extended for every Thursday in the month of February - anybody appreciating blues, cajun and a bit of twisted country should get down there.

I was speaking with Hong You this morning about Harkte amplifiers - he is thinking of importing them into the country. Being that they are going to fetch a relatively higher price tag, it will take some convincing for him to take the plunge. If you think it is a good idea then I suggest you pop your head into his shop and let him know. His place can be found on the map here.

This weeks Gig Guide
  • Tree Molsolf croons the audience again at the Velkommen Inn again this Friday starting around 8:30PM
  • The Cambodian Space Project will be Khmer-60's-rockin' the crowd at the MetaHouse tonight. The Meta is also putting on a number of other things - including a lucky draw.
  • The at Touk Bar & Restaurant will host the Stiff Little Punks - their brand of 70's English punk attracting bigger and bigger crowds.
  • The Cambodian Space Project will be hosting a special space mission to Otres Beach over the weekend. This will be a huge time as they play at a beach party to co-incide with the closing of some of the establishments along the beach front area. For anyone wishing to join them - blast off from Phnom Penh will be from outside La Croisette at 9:00PM Saturday morning
  • On Saturday there will also be a French Cabaret hosted by Ritchy & Phil at Chinese House starting around 8:30PM.
  • Ritchy & Phil play at Open Wine on Sunday. This is their Les Tontons Baraingueurs Acoustic Gypsy Swing Project. Open Wine  is located at Nº. 219, Street 19, behind the Royal Palace
  • The Hellhounds will begin a new series of gigs at Sharkys starting next Thursday. The series is  named the Scratch, Snort, and Drooling Blues Sessions
Coming Up
  • The Cambodian Space Project at La Croisette and Studio 184
  • Ritchy & Phil at FCC and Topaz
  • Little Duke and Television Ted imminent approach is just around the corner'
Cheers and see you around the traps !

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  1. Dear mister Leng Pleng Dude,

    Í have noticed that you do not list a link to Bum'n'Draze, on your very nice and otherwise thorough and comprehensive ex-pat music scene site.

    As you may know, Bum'n'Draze are probably the most theatrical and the longest running ex-pat band in the Kingdom of Cambodia and certianly they are our local nod to escaped psychiatric patients everywhere.

    Here's the link Gus, use it in good health:




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