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Live Music This Weekend

Hi again,

Don't forget that a post-gig rundown can be viewed at Scott Bywaters blog Following The Applause. You can find links to are great array of photos and spiels of the gigs that were... - such as Penhstock from a couple of weeks ago and the Cambodian Space Project's blast into Prey Veng. You can see it at http://phnompenhgigs.blogspot.com/.

The coming weeks gigs follows:
  • The Stiff Little Punks are re-invigorating The Cavern and covering the place in the Union Jack and other paraphernalia. Starts late (9:45PM + ) on Thurday the 14-Jan-2010
  • The Riverhouse is hosting a party on Thursday also that includes DJ Jem K and percussionist Assambai
  • If you are looking for something more bluesy then The Hellhounds will be barkin' the blues in their Blue Cheese and Hellhounds Burger series at Sharkys. The band has 2 new web sites also - which can be seen at http://www.facebook.com//pages/The-Hellhounds/223155164403 and also http://stevegoodman.com/blog1/
  • Equinox is  celebrating their 4th birthday with a party featuring live music from Cacath & los Poporks. Don't know much about this line-up or the bands set-list as yet but will endevour to track it down. The party is on Friday 15-Jan-2010 and starts at 8:00PM
  • Tree is performing again on Friday at the Velkommen Inn on Street 104 starting at 8:30PM
  • The delightful sounds from Brittany will fill the Chinese House again on Friday as Kheltica come together again to treat us to wonderful music produced through acoustic instruments and authentic Celtic sounds.
  • Patrick and his unnameable friend will be at Barbados on Friday the 15th and Tuesday 19th
  • Ritchy & Phil a special funk & soul powered gig on Friday 15th January at the new Studio 182, It is located at182 Norodom Blvd.  
  • Lost Highway are up again from Sihanoukville and are playing both Friday and Saturday at Sharkys
Coming Up
  • Repris de Justesse at Memphis and Sharkys
  • Bad Neighbors at the FCC
  • Stiff Little Punks at Sharkys
I have it on good authority that Mispent Yooth will be returning from their winter sojourns in their respective homelands and will be playing at a bar near you soon.

Cheers and see you around the traps


    1. The Stiff Little Punks are also set to besplendour Touk Bar & Restaurant (2nd floor, across the street from the FCC) this Friday 15-Jan-2009.


    2. Also, The Cambodian Space Project will augment the bill at the Equinox 4th birthday party celebration on Friday the 15th of January.

      That makes a total of 8 live music acts on this Friday - whaaaa-hooooo!


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