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Music This Weekend - Wednesday 6th of January 2010


There is more live music a-commin' your way this weekend. If you are lucky like me then you have a holiday tomorrow - hence the early gig guide this week.
  • Paul Benoit will be at Talkin to a Stranger this Thursday evening for an evening of blues / roots original music. It is also Roast Lamb night and therefore Derek is advising people to book ahead.
  • The Hellhounds start their Blue Cheese and Hellhounds Burger series this Thursday at Sharkys. They are really getting things toasted so get down there and grab a sample.
  • Patrick and his unnameable friend from the Philippines will do their ballad thang again this Friday at Barbados on Street 130. They play every Tuesday and Friday.
  • Tree plays again this Friday at the Velkommen Inn.
  • The Cambodian Space Project is causing quite a buzz around town and will be playing the more guitar-electrified Khmer 60's rock & roll at Meta House on Friday. Fronted by the beautiful Srey Thy and with Julian Paulson on guitar + other special guests and friends, this will be an early gig starting around 7:00PM so get down there straight after work. It will also be augmented by Khmer clarinet player Bun Hong as part of Meta House's 3rd birthday party celebration. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr_WjxpLUVw for a great video from their capsule.
  • Billy Page is back in town and will be a-strummin' his acoustic guitar and getting the place a-hummin' at Sharkys on Saturday  and Sunday
  • Juram is across from Saigon and also brings his version of electrified acoustic rock and pop to Chow on Friday and the FCC on Saturday
Coming Up
  • Kheltica at the Chinese House - 15th Jan.
  • Rithcy & Phil at Studio 182 - 15th Jan.
  • Stiff Little Punks at Touk - 15th Jan.
  • Mekong Pirates at the FCC - 16th Jan.
  • Repris de Justesse at the Memphis Bar - Jan. 22
Cool ! See you around the traps!

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