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Early New Years Gig Guide - Tuesday 13th of April, 2010


As expected, not a lot on this week due to the Khmer New Year holidays. Hoping the gambit of the local authorities is all but disappeared since they should now have collected enough revenues for their holidays. Hopefully Sharky's and other venues will be back online next week.

It seems only the Riverhouse is the place to be over the new year break. They are featuring a New Years Eve party tonight plus two more shows over the coming days. If you are staying in town and looking for somewhere to dance then this is a good choice.

As mentioned in the post just prior to this one KlapYaHandz are staging a great all-day event at the Phnom Penh Night Market on Saturday the 24th of April, 2010. If you would like to perform at the event then please contact Andrew - andrew@klapyahandz.com

Live Music Gigs
  1. Nothing listed this week
DJ Gigs
  1. Today 13-Apr-2010 - DJ Illest at the Riverhouse Lounge
  2. Wednesday 14-Apr-2010 - DJ Illest and DJ Blue at the Riverhouse Lounge
  3. Saturday 17-Apr-2010 - DJ Tech 12 & MC Hydrophonics at the Riverhouse Lounge
Coming Up
  • Pulp Fiction Night at the FCC Phnom Penh
  • The Sensational John Lee Hooker Band Without John at the Velkommen Inn 
  • Angry Woebot and Spills Vs. FeleciaCruz at the Phnom Penh Night Market
  • Bum N Draze at Sharkys and Cantina
  • DJ Yukie at the Riverhouse Lounge
Please be careful on the roads for the next few days !!!!

Cheers, have a great new year and see you around the traps!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Leng Pleng - just to let all know that 'Skip' Sutherland of legendary (in their own lunchtime!) UK 80's new wave band Radio City plays a short solo acoustic set at the Mith Samlanh (Friends)Fun Fair on St 13 this Saturday (24th April) at the ungodly and un-rock'n'roll-y hour of 10am. The Radio City 'Love and a Picture' single from 1980 and a CD of other rare tracks are due to be reissued by Japanese label 1977 records in the very near future, prompted by the $500 price tag for the single amongst collectors on e-bay. This will be the reclusive Skip's first solo outing in nearly 30 years....


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