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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Gig Guide of Cambodia - Thursday 8th of April, 2010

Couldn't believe the bad luck with Lou Reed last week. There were some reports that he had been hit by an out-of-control SUV in Phnom Penh driven with impunity by some crazy UN person and another saying it was a mix-up with the airline. I also heard that it was something to do with a cruel April Fool's joke - but if that was the case it would only be funny to the person that started the rumor. 

Finally some Siem Reap content in this weeks gig guide. Local Siem Reap expat band Cambojam will play two gigs at the well renowned Banana Leaf on Friday and the Brick House Bar in the Angkor Night markets on Saturday. If you are in Siem Reap then get down there (and then send a gig report to Following the Applause). You can check out some of their songs at http://www.ilike.com/artist/Cambojam

There are also 2 new venue editions to this weeks post. A new place called Paddy & Rice which apparently is "somewhere on the riverfront" is all I know. If anyone has more info then please post a COMMENT to this post. The Lazy Jazz Drunks will play there tonight. There is also a brand new club opening in the Attwood Centre on Pochentong Road. They are starting off with VDJ Tashi from Japan and then Ritchy & Phil tomorrow night.

The Chinese House also has something a bit different from us live music lovers with the Cambodia Living Arts Moahori Ensemble playing tonight and Cambodian band VOP tomorrow night. This is all part of a 3-day event staged in regard to the Khmer New Year break. Mohaori music is an old, traditional art form in Cambodia, and is often played at the beginning of Khmer New Year.

Anyway, here is this weeks guide

Live Music Gigs
  1. Thursday 8-Apr-2010 - Lazy Jazz Drunks at Paddy & Rice [MORE INFO]
  2. Thursday 8-Apr-2010 - Mohaori Ensemble at the Chinese House [MORE INFO]
  3. Friday 9-Apr-2010 - Gem at the Velkommen Inn [MORE INFO]
  4. Friday 9-Apr-2010 - The Cambodian Space Project (Revamped) at the PSE Party [MORE INFO]
  5. Friday 9-Apr-2010 - Ritchy & Phil at Elements Club [MORE INFO]
  6. Friday 9-Apr-2010 - VOP at the Chinese House [MORE INFO]
  7. Friday 9-Apr-2010 - Cambojam at the Banana Leaf [MORE INFO]
  8. Saturday 10-Apr-2010 - Cacath and Los Poporks at the PSE Party [MORE INFO]
  9. Saturday 10-Apr-2010 - Cambojam at the Brick House Bar (Angkor Night Market) [MORE INFO]
DJ Gigs
  1. Thursday 8-Apr-2010 - Dr. Octo is ROCTOPUSSY at the RiverHouse Lounge [MORE INFO]
  2. Thursday 8-Apr-2010 - DJ Kentaro Vs Killa Kela at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  3. Thursday and Friday 8 & 9-Apr-2010 - International VDJ Tashi from Japan at Elements Club [MORE INFO]
  4. Tuesday 13-Apr-2010 - DJ Illest at the Riverhouse Lounge [MORE INFO]
Coming Up
  • Pulp Fiction Night at FCC Phnom Penh
  • The Sensational John Lee Hooker Band Without John (formerly Squeeeeeeezebox) at the Velkommen Inn (believe me - they DO exist)
Next weeks guide may be a little late due to the new year break. Have a great new years and see you around the traps!

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  1. I have been reliably informed that the Paddy & Rice is on the corner of 136 and riverside where old hope and anchor was


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