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Gig Guide of Cambodia - Thursday the 17th of June, 2010


The World Cup of Football sure has put a major dent in the live music scene - not too much on this week. Might also be associated with the departure of some northern-hemisphere musicians back to their native countries for their summer sojourns.

Anyway, the Bayon Blues are still playing and it will be tonight (Thursday) at 8:00PM. Note the early start time. Also note that this will be the last time you will be able to catch them before Little Duke heads back to Sweden for a few weeks.

Also, at the brand new Dream Up on this Friday is the debut of the acoustic duo Minstrel & Tree. I am highly recommending this gig for those who appreciate acoustic ballads presented with passion. This  American and Russian duo have exquisite vocals individually, and their combination in post-cold war Cambodia should make this an event not to miss. Dream Up is on Sothearos Blvd. about 300m south of Sihanouk Blvd. near to where the Winking Frog used to be.

Another great piece of news is the expansion of Equinox. The venue has now renovated and opened a huge new area at the back of the top floor - thus allowing room for a good place to perform. The space will be dedicated for live performances and will have a stage, a guitar amp, a bass amp, an electronic drum kit and a good (B52) sound system. The venue will debut with Los Poporks on Saturday the 26th of June. Should be huuuuge!

The Cambodian Space Project will play again at La Croisette next Wednesday - one of the band's classic venues for previous gigs. It is framed by two world cup games - the first being England V Slovenia, so might be a good place to watch the game, have dinner and catch some Khmer 60's rock & roll vibe for the rest of the night.

The first week of next month is shaping up to be a weekend of international music with the return of the Curtis King Band from Vietnam as well as Warapo all the way from Cuba and playing at the FCC Phnom Penh. Curtis and the boys always put on a great show when they are in town. They will perform at Sharky Bar for American independence day.

Here is this weeks gig guide:

Live Music Gigs
  1. Thursday 17-Jun-2010 - Bayon Blues at the Chinese House  [MORE INFO
  2. Friday 18-Jun-2010 -  Minstrel and Tree band at the Dream Up Restaurant and Bar [MORE INFO
  3. Friday 18-Jun-2010 - Lazy Jazz Drunks at Sharky Bar [MORE INFO
  4. Saturday 19-Jun-2010 -  Shangri La band at the Dream Up Restaurant and Bar [MORE INFO]  
  5. Saturday 19-Jun-2010 -  Bluesberry Jam band at The Cavern [MORE INFO]  
  6. Wednesday 23-Jun-2010 - Cambodian Space Project at La Croisette [MORE INFO]
DJ Gigs
  1. Thursday 17-Jun-2010 - DJ Illest, DJ Blue and Gang at the Riverhouse Lounge   [MORE INFO]  
  2. Friday 18-Jun-2010 - Ricardo, DJ Rob Little and Dr. House at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]  
  3. Saturday 19-Jun-2010 - DJ Tech 12 at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]  
  4. Saturday 19-Jun-2010 - DJ Dusk at the Riverhouse Lounge  [MORE INFO]  
Coming Up
  • Los Poporks at Equinox [MORE INFO]  
  • Mayors of Simpleton, Los Poporks and DJ Frankie at the Friends International 15th Anniversary Party [MORE INFO]
  • Major Lazer at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  • Expresso Thmei at The Cavern 
  • Curtis King Band at Sharkys  [MORE INFO] 
  • Warapo at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO] 
  • DJ Jimmy at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO] 
  • DJ Illest and DJ Blue at Pontoon  [MORE INFO] 
Cheers and see you around the traps!

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  1. Fete de la Musique gig tonight ( Monday 21st ) at Memphis from 9.00pm - Section 5, Mekong Pirates, Skip from Radio City,Kheltica, Rock Xpress, Srey Nuch and Band and more surprise guests! Draft beer $1 all night!


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