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Gig Guide of Cambodia - Thursday the 26th of August, 2010


All those at the Paddy Rice Electric Eclectic Limelight Jam Night two weeks ago had a great time. Tonight it all happens again and Alan Keehan has invested in some brand new mics and a drum kit to add to the mix. Head down tonight at 8:00PM, should be a good time - corner of Sisowath Quay and Street 136.

The music at Paddy Rice will continue right through to Saturday night with the new combination of Those Guys playing on Friday and Keltica playing on Saturday night. Lots of ventilation at this venue, so if you're not a smoker you can still enjoy the music.

If you want to know who Those Guys actually are then you can also catch them at Sharkys on Saturday night as well.

Another great new thing happening this weekend is the triple bill at The Cavern. All of those who get into the English beat can head down there on Friday night and catch the Stiff Little Punks, the Teaner Terners and a new blend called the Lazy Jazz Caverners. So bring your boots down to Street 104.

Anybody in France at the moment still has two more chances to catch the Cambodian Space Project. They will be playing both tonight and on Saturday at Le Karton and The Lizard Lounge respectively. The Saturday gig will be their final gig before returning to the land of wrong-way-drivers.If you are in Paris then don't miss this gig.

Here's this weeks gig guide.

Live Music Gigs
  1. Thursday 27-Aug-2010 at 8:00PM ~ Electric Eclectic Limelight Jam Night at Paddy Rice  [MORE INFO]
  2. Thursday 27-Aug-2010 at 8:00PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Le Karton (Paris, France)  [MORE INFO]
  3. Friday 27-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM Those Guys at Paddy Rice [MORE INFO]
  4. Friday 27-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM Melodramas at Mr. M Cafe
  5. Friday 27-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM Shangri-La at the Dream-Up  Bar
  6. Friday 27-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM ~ The Stiff Little Punks, the Lazy Jazz Caverners and the Teaner Terners at The Cavern  [MORE INFO]
  7. Saturday 28-Aug-2010 at 7:00PM ~ Juram and Band at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  8. Saturday 28-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM ~ Kheltica at Paddy Rice [MORE INFO]
  9. Saturday 28-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM Melodramas at Spark
  10. Saturday 28-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at The Lizard Lounge (Paris, France) [MORE INFO]
  11. Saturday 28-Aug-2010 at 9:00PM Those Guys at Sharky Bar [MORE INFO]
DJ Gigs
  1. Thursday 26-Aug-2010 ~ DJ Yukie at the Riverhouse Lounge [MORE INFO]
  2. Thursday 26-Aug-2010Ladies Day  at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  3. Friday 27-Aug-2010DJ BB for the African Dance Party at the Do It All Club [MORE INFO]
  4. Saturday 28-Aug-2010DJ Ratana and DJ Tiger for the Hip-Hop Fiesta at the Do It All Club [MORE INFO]
Coming Up
  • Cartoon Emo at the MetaHouse
  • Bum N Draze at Sharkys Halloween
  • Lazy Jazz Drunks and the Teaner Terners at Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • 7" Single Launch of the Cambodian Space Project
  •  DJ MARC HYPE (Berlin) & JIM DUNLOOP (Berlin), DJ DSK (UK) and TINY TOONES (Cambodia) at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  • Lost Highway at Sharky Bar [MORE INFO]
  • African Music at the Do It All Club
Cheers and see you around the traps !

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