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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Gig Guide - Thursday the 9th of September, 2010


A packed edition. No wonder - with all the musicians returning to the land of wrong-way-drivers and, as a consequence, there being over 28 gigs slated for the next month or so.

My sincere apologies for my  terrible spelling and grammar in this weekly newsletter. I really try - I promise - it is like my brain takes on a whole new mistake-recognition-system AFTER I click the send button. I am trying to evolve. Thanks to Matt Bolton for helping me out with this edition.

Thursday the 9th of September, 2010

The Electric Eclectic Limelight Jukebox Jam is on again tonight at Paddy Rice. It is turning in to a popular and truly great time every 2 weeks with an 'eclectic' mix of music and musicians from all around. It is a great way to start your live music weekend so get down there early.

Also, tonight there will be the debut performance of one of the capital's two new bands - the Cambodian Cowboys. They will play a collection of songs that are on the more sophisticated side of rhythm and blues, along with a mix of swing and soul. It will also mark the much anticipated re-opening of the Chinese House which has been offline during the summer sojourn.

Friday the 10th of September, 2010

The Chinese House also marks their return  with the ever-popular, classic guitar riffs of Lost Highway playing on Friday. Cool!

Friday also sees the re-emergence of the Eastern Jazz Club as the band debuts at Equinox. This line-up features some of the capitals best horn players. The band presents a laid-back music session and, as such, it is a great chance to sip on an exotic cocktail and soak up the technical expertise of these accomplished players. The Paddy Rice house band Holiday in Cambodia will feature on the river front on Friday night also.

Lovers of Khmer 60s rock can catch Srey Thy and Scoddy as Expresso Thmei play at PSE on Friday. This will a  great boutique version of this pair's other band. You will need to book with the venue to make use of the all-inclusive food-drinks-music for $15.00.

Classical music is on offer this Friday at MetaHouse with Trio Concertante as Anton Isselhardt and his students present works by Joseph Haydn and his famous pupil Igance Pleyel (1757-1831).

Saturday the 11th of September, 2010

On Saturday, the second of the capital's new bands debuts at the Do It All Club on Street 174. It will feature a 7-member band playing African music (sorry - the name is unknown to me at this point) and should be a great new addition to the Phnom Penh live music scene.

Saturday will also see the official return gig of the Cambodian Space Project. It will occur at Maxines (Snow's Bar across the river) starting at around 6:00PM+. Note the early start which is set to coincide with the sunset. Also note that Maxine's is a limited access venue and, as such, will only accommodate a maximum of about 70 people. You may need to get there early if you want to make sure that you will catch the show.

Saturday night also sees the FCC mix it up with some classic blues-rock as they present the venue's debut of Lost Highway.

 Coming Up

Lots of stuff coming up too as several bands return to the live music scene. The Bayon Blues will be back - playing 3 gigs over 3 weeks at Chinese House, Equinox and the Phnom Penh Swings Boat Party. This band is looking to get together a new electrified version of their line-up - so stayed tuned for more news on that.

Another piece of good news is that Los Poporks will return to Equinox. Anybody at their last gig at this venue are sure to return and bring friends because it was such a blast last time. This should be one not to miss.

Also on the agenda is the 7th International Music Festival. This event is organized by the Art+ foundation and spans several days at various venues. International music will again feature at the Sunway Hotel's Oktoberfest with a band from Germany called the Bayern-Land Echo. Oktoberfest at this venue is a classic annual event. Also, there will be a triple-bill down in Sihanoukville occurring some time over the next few weeks. More details on that later.

There is also word of another open-mic night that will begin at the Java Cafe next week. It will occur once a month and is slated as a night of "poetry, music and comedy featuring local and international acts". The set-up will be more for acoustic ensembles rather than full-on bands.

Extra Stuff

Please don't forget that if you go to any of the gigs and feel inspired to do a write-up - be it just 1 paragraph or even a couple of sentences then you will be able to get the published by sending them to Scoddy at Following the Applause 

That's it for now. Here's this weeks gig-guide.

Live Music Gigs
  1. Thursday 9-Sep-2010 at 8:00PM ~ Electric Eclectic Limelight Jukebox Jam at Paddy Rice [MORE INFO
  2. Thursday 9-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM ~The Cambodian Cowboys at the Chinese House [MORE INFO]  
  3. Friday 10-Sep-2010 at 8:30PM ~ Expresso Thmei at Le Lotus Blanc  [MORE INFO]  
  4. Friday 10-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM ~ Holiday in Cambodia at Paddy Rice [MORE INFO]
  5. Friday 10-Sep-2010 at 8:30PM ~ Eastern Jazz Brigade at Equinox [MORE INFO] 
  6. Friday 10-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM ~ Lost Highway at the Chinese House [MORE INFO] 
  7. Friday 10-Sep-2010 at 8:00PM ~ Trio Concertante at the MetaHouse [MORE INFO] 
  8. Saturday 11-Sep-2010 at 10:00PM ~ African Music at the Do It All Club [MORE INFO]
  9. Saturday 11-Sep-2010 at 6:00PM ~ Cambodian Space Project at Maxines (Snowy's Bar) [MORE INFO]
  10. Saturday 11-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM ~ Lost Highway at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
DJ Gigs
  1. Thursday 9-Sep-2010 at 8:00PM ~ DJ Buffy and DJ Radioactive Anne at Elements Nightclub   [MORE INFO]
  2. Friday 10-Sep-2010 ~ DJ Emanual at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  3. Friday 10-Sep-2010 ~ DJ Benz at Elements Night Club [MORE INFO]
Coming Up
  • Lost Highway at Sharky Bar [MORE INFO
  • Kheltica at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Illest and DJ Marco at The Quay Hotel [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Shortkut at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  • Los Poporks at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • Cambodian Space Project at the Alley Cat Cafe [MORE INFO] and Equinox [MORE INFO
  • The 7th International Music Festival at CJCC, Hotel Intercontinental, and the MetaHouse [MORE INFO]
  • Cartoon Emo at the MetaHouse
  • Bum N Draze at Sharky Bar Halloween
  • Bayon Blues at the Chinese House and Equinox and the Phnom Penh Swings Boat Party
  • Bayern-Land Echo (from Germany) at the Sunway  Hotel [MORE INFO]
  • 3 live bands at the Mlop Tapang Art Center (Sihanoukville)
  • Jazz for a Smile at Studio 182 [MORE INFO]
  • Zoey Jones at Studio 182  [MORE INFO]
Cheers and see you around the traps !

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  1. Thanks so much for the weekly updates - my social life wouldn't be the same without them! The only downside to the increasing music scene is having to work out what to miss, but it's a nice problem to have.

    Keep up the good work!


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