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Gig Guide - Thursday the 23rd of September, 2010

The gigs keep coming your way again this week - with 16 gigs over the next 7 days. This is mostly due to the International Music Festival which return again this year thanks to the Art+ Foundation. The program for the series of seven concerts can be seen here.

I won't bore you with my blurb too much this week - mainly because I am snowed under with work - and also partly for the fact that you can see the gigs that are coming up below. Suffice to say that the big gigs this week are the Stiff Little Punks on Friday at Candy Bar when they will be joined by the brother - yes that's right, the legendary brother - of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook.

Also, on Saturday Los Poporks will play at Equinox - that will be a totally pumpin' gig no doubt. The Cambodian Space Project will also play Saturday night at Paddy Rice but if you can't catch that gig then may be you can join them on the "space bus" to the village of their drummer Bong Sak in Kampong Speu. If you wish to go then meet the bus that will leave at 10:00AM on Sunday morning in front of La Croisette. The $10 ticket will include transport there and back, lunch and the show. BYO refreshements.

Here's this weeks gig guide:

 Live Music Gigs
  1. Thursday 23-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ The 7th International Music Festival - Gala Opening at CJCC [MORE INFO]
  2. Thursday 23-Sep-2010 at 8:00PM ~ the Electric Eclectic Limelight Jukebox Jam at Paddy Rice  [MORE INFO]
  3. Friday 24-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ Bayern-Land Echo (from Germany) at the Sunway  Hotel [MORE INFO]
  4. Friday 24-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ The 7th International Music Festival - Piano Recital at Hotel Intercontinental [MORE INFO]
  5. Friday 24-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM ~  The Stiff Little Punks at Candy Bar [MORE INFO]
  6. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 4:00PM ~ Bayon Blues and the Phnom Penh Swings Boat Party
  7. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ Bayern-Land Echo (from Germany) at the Sunway  Hotel [MORE INFO]
  8. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ The 7th International Music Festival - Hommage à Robert Schumann at the CJCC [MORE INFO]
  9. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 8:00PM ~ Pswingology at the Chinese House  [MORE INFO]
  10. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 8:30PM ~ Los Poporks at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  11. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 8:30PM ~ Sheila Cooper and Zoey Jones at Studio 182  [MORE INFO]
  12. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 8:30PM ~ Cambodian Space Project at Paddy Rice  [MORE INFO]
  13. Sunday 26-Sep-2010 at 9:00AM ~ Cambodian Space Project space mission to Bong Sak's village  [MORE INFO]  
  14. Sunday 26-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ The 7th International Music Festival - Song Recital at the CJCC [MORE INFO]
  15. Monday 27-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ The 7th International Music Festival - Grand Finale at the CJCC [MORE INFO
  16. Wednesday 29-Sep-2010 at 7:00PM ~ Acoustic Sessions featuring Julien Poulson at Setsara  [MORE INFO]
DJ Gigs
  1. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM ~ DJ Shortkut at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  2. Saturday 25-Sep-2010 at 9:00PM DJ Cool Sam, DJ Star, DJ Blue, DJ Bobby and DJ Achaya at the Riverhouse Lounge [MORE INFO]
Coming Up
  • Bum N Draze at Sharky Bar Halloween
  • Bayon Blues at Equinox
  • Lazy Jazz Drunks at Sharkys  [MORE INFO
  • The Wonders Band at the Do It All Club & Bistro [MORE INFO]
Cheers and see you around the traps !

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