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Gig Guide - Wednesday the 6th of October, 2010


Those of you wanting the full complement of live music for the coming days will have to wait until next week as the PChum Ben holiday has engineered sober weekend. So you might have to get down to the open-mic jam sessions on at Setsara and Paddy Rice to really get your fill. This is not to say there are no great gigs on. 

One of the best gigs for the week will be the introduction to Phnom Penh of The Green Mist on this Saturday at Equinox. The band is a concoction by a musician familiar to many of you, Julien Poulson (on guitar & vocals), and has involved many other musicians in the past, most notably Brian Ritchie and Charlie Owens. The make-up of the band for this Phnom Penh gig will introduce the totally cool, steady and driving beats of Stuart Robertson on drums. The full story of the band can be seen at http://www.myspace.com/themysteriousgreenmist. The band also plays the same venue the following weekend.

A totally not-to-be-missed session will occur just after PChum Ben on Tuesday next week at the Chinese House. This is a special gig will present the fusion of the musical talents of Norwegian composer Ingolv Haaland together with Khmer singer and chapei player Srey Ouch Savy and Tro Sao player Yun Theara. The style of the music is calm, quiet and ambient with a hint of lounge-style - good for a Tuesday night after the holidays ;o). More information is available at http://www.ingolvhaaland.com .

The coming weeks will see the re-emergence of the full-flavored live music scene. It includes the introduction of a further regular jam session that will occur at the MetaHouse every second Saturday. It will be hosted by Mathius Wagner (e-violin), Dan Ă–gren (bass), and Giacomo (Accordion) and will also be an open-mic arrangement. These sessions are trying to re-establish the jazz groove generated by the players that used to frequent Miles back a few years ago. All musicians will be more than welcome to join.

That's it for now. Please make sure to enjoy the holiday break and remember - be careful on the roads. Here's this weeks gig guide:

 Live Music Gigs
  1. Wednesday 6-Oct-2010 at 7:00PM ~ Acoustic Sessions featuring Julien Poulson at Setsara  [MORE INFO 
  2. Thursday 7-Oct-2010 at 8:30PM ~ the Electric Eclectic Limelight Jukebox Jam at Paddy Rice  [MORE INFO]
  3. Friday 8-Oct-2010 at 8:30PM ~ Tree at the Velkommen Inn   [MORE INFO]
  4. Saturday 9-Oct-2010 at 9:00PM ~ The Green Mist at Equinox [MORE INFO
  5. Tuesday 12-Oct-2010 at 7:00PM ~ Ingolv Haaland, Srey Ouch Savy and Yun Theara at the Chinese House  [MORE INFO]
Coming Up
  • Bum N Draze at Sharky Bar Halloween   [MORE INFO]
  • The Stiff Little Punks and The Fumes at Sharky Bar  [MORE INFO]
  • The Teaner Terners at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • Phil Manning at the FCC Phnom Penh
  • The Green Mist at Equinox   [MORE INFO
  • Kok Thlok at Equinox  [MORE INFO
  • Jazz Jam Session at the MetaHouse  [MORE INFO]  
  • The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra at MetaHouse  [MORE INFO]  
  • The Mekong Pirates at the Chinese House  [MORE INFO]
Cheers and see you around the traps !

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