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Gig Guide - Thursday the 10th of February, 2011


Several new faces at the Setsara Acoustic Sessions last night with cameo performances by several passing travelers. The appreciative audience burst into song with the performers on many occasions. The open-mic night continues at Paddy Rice tonight.

Studio 182 will be hosting a new singer for the coming period and the change-over night can be caught there on Friday. Watch out for ex-Hellhounds slide guitar player Jimmy Baeck at this venue. Jimmy's licks through the saxophone are a rare and totally worthwhile experience in Phnom Penh.

Also on Friday night you will be able to catch Bun 'N Draze as they do their best to completely annoy the neighbors as they set themselves to demolish Equinox. Should be a real exercise in true rock & roll grit.

Another new ensemble to hit the Phnom Penh airwaves this week is Squishy, featuring Melanie. They will do a support gig at Sharky Bar starting at 8:00PM on Saturday night. This will be followed by the congruous Captain Jack who continue to pump out a great Rolling Stones mix in totally danceable proportions. Steve 'Sweet Licks' Goodman will be there and he promises to have a totally in-tune guitar for the whole night.

Also on Saturday night will be Kheltica who perform at a new venue known as The Score. Not sure the details of this venue - all I know is that it is behind a place called The Place. Additionally, if you are in Kep on Saturday, then catch the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra at the Kukuluku Beach Club. If you in Siem Reap on Sunday then catch Milo and Friends (and there are a lot of them) at Molly Malones. Cool!

I neglected to mention last week of the gig at the 99 Bar featuring the Stiff Little Punks and The Choppers. By all reports the gig was totally packed with people spilling out onto the street. The Choppers are an original band playing a mix of original indie-rock numbers - totally great sound coming from these guys. Also, I have also been told that the band At Robiep have been wowing their audience with some unbelievably good French rock & roll. Make sure to catch all these bands in the coming weeks if you can.

Finally, you can catch a rare performance by Skip Sutherland (Ex-Radio City) at the Mith Samlanh Funfair on early Saturday afternoon. Before that I urge you to get to the fun fair in the morning. It is a great ambiance, lots of things to do and see and some bargains to be had at some of the stalls selling second-hand stuff.

Cheers and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig guide:

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This Weeks Gigs

Thursday 10-Feb-2011
  • 8:00PM ~ The Electric Eclectic Limelight Jukebox Jam at Paddy Rice   [MORE INFO]
  • 8:00PM ~ Syce' Swing at Equinox   [MORE INFO]
Friday 11-Feb-2011
  • 7:00PM ~ DJ Illest, DJ Marco and Dadanbeck at Chow [MORE INFO]  
  • 8:30PM ~ Bum 'N Draze at Equinox [MORE INFO]  
  • 8:30PM ~ Soren Borch and The Dudley Do-Rights at  Paddy Rice [MORE INFO
  • 9:00PM ~ Trebeka and Jus' Cynthia at the Studio 182 [MORE INFO
  • 9:30PM ~ Dr Wah Wah at Rubies  [MORE INFO
  • 9:30PM ~ Stanton Warriors at Pontoon [MORE INFO
Saturday 12-Feb-2011
  • 2:30PM ~ James Sutherland at the Mith Samlanh Funfair  [MORE INFO
  • 7:30PM ~ The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra at the Kukuluku Beach Club in Kep [MORE INFO
  • 8:00PM ~ Captain Jack and Squishy at Sharkys [MORE INFO]    
  • 8:30PM ~ Kheltica at The Score [MORE INFO]  
  • 8:30PM ~ Billy Page at Equinox [MORE INFO]   
  • 8:00PM ~ DJs Box, Steph, Balaton, and Didier Chadot at the Fly Lounge [MORE INFO
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Dandanbeck at the Harem Shisha Lounge [MORE INFO  
  • 10:00PM ~ DJ Yukie at the Riverhouse Lounge [MORE INFO 
Sunday 13-Feb-2011
  • 6:00PM ~ Khmer Rock Concert at the MetaHouse [MORE INFO
  • 8:30PM ~ Milo and Friends at the Molly Malones in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]  
Monday 14-Feb-2011
  • 8:00PM ~ Sysé Swing at Setsara [MORE INFO]  
  • 8:00PM ~ Route 66 at the Sunshine Café in Sihanoukville [MORE INFO
  • 8:30PM ~ The Power of Love at Equinox [MORE INFO
Wednesday 16-Feb-2011
  • 7:00PM ~ Journey with Ingolv Haaland at Java [MORE INFO]  
  • 8:30PM ~ Acoustic Sessions at the Setsara [MORE INFO]  

Coming Up
  • Soren Borch and The Dudley Do-Rights at Equinox [MORE INFO] and Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • Penhstock 2011 at Sharkys  [MORE INFO
  • DJ Jimmy and Ariel Reyes at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO
  • Warapo at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]  
  • Laura Mam and The Like Me's at Parkway Studios [MORE INFO]    
  • Octopus at the Equinox
  • Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers at the Sharkys
  • Marco Anthony, DJ Illest and DJ Lefty at Pontoon [MORE INFO]  
  • DJ Nam at the Kukuluku Beach Club in Kep [MORE INFO]  
  • DJ Solo at the Pontoon [MORE INFO

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