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Lots of Extra Stuff to Add to Yesterdays Gig Guide


Several things to fill you in on that were not included in the previous gig-guide spiel.

Additional Gigs
  • The Riverside Bistro is well an truly supporting the local live music scene with live music there every week from Tuesdays to Sundays from 8:30PM. Currently there is a Filipino House Band called Livewire who perform a mixture of pop and rock, new and old. This is really a good music venue and supporting this place could really help the local scene.

  • There is a French band which is just about to hit town and make a short tour. They are called Octopus and feature a huge brass section which includes a HUGE tuba pumping out the bass rhythms.

    During the tour the band is also extolling the virtues of music and how it can help poor and underprivileged children through a project called Fanfare Sans Frontieres. If you are able to read French then you can pick up some of the story here www.fanfaresansfrontieres.org. You can also catch some of their tunes on their MySpace page here - http://www.myspace.com/560463415/music/playlists/octopus-brass-band-s-playlist-1508687

    The band will be playing at The Score Friday 18-Feb-2011 and at Gasolina the day after starting at 6:00PM. They then head down to Sihanoukville for the Khmarnaval before returning to Phnom Penh for gigs at Equinox, The 252, La Croisette and Paddy Rice. The details of all the gigs are now listed in the gig guide below.

  • Also worthy of special mention is Khmarnaval which will occur in Sihanoukville next week - from Thursday the 24th of February to Saturday the 26th of February. The festival is organized by local rock & roll legend  Bob Passion and is a huge event in support of people (especially children) affected by HIV and AIDS. There will be street parades, theater, dance, DJs as well live music (as mentioned above). You can see more details at Bob's web site at http://www.bobpassion.net/

  • Another gig that didn't make it into yesterdays email is the DJ D'Tonn at the X-Bar in Siem Reap. See the gig guide below for details

There have been a myriad of downloads that have been made available by some of the local bands. I would like to include links to downloads as a regular special section in the weekly emails if there is enough content so please let me know if you have any videos or MP3 links you would like putting out there. The ones I have this week include:
Well that should be it until next week. Make sure to tune into the web site for any updates from here.


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