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Gig Guide - Thursday the 31st of March, 2011


The web site has a slightly new look now with regular gigs being moved to a permanent position on the right-hand side menu. The main gig guide will highlight just the new, latest info every week and open mic gigs will be highlighted using a green microphone .

As the heat starts to bear down on us and the low-season starts to bite on some venues, we can expect a few changes to the live music landscape over the next few months. Things are a lot better than they were just a year or two ago - as evidenced by the array of great performances on offer this week - but times must always move on. First there was the Chinese House (which has metamorphosed into a new restaurant and bar with rumors of possible live music - albeit toned down somewhat) and then there was Maxines (Snow's Bar) last weekend (with fairly valid rumors that a new venue will open up a little further down the river some time in the not too distant future). Now it looks like there is one more ...........

Ritchy and Phil pose for a recent promo photo
One of, if not THE best quality performances on offer in Phnom Penh over the past 18 months has been Phil & Ritchy who showcase their totally amazing talents every day at Studio 182. The quality of technical skill and artistic feel these musicians have brought to this town has been generally unsurpassed. Today we are greeted with the news that Studio 182 will close. Fortunately for us it is not all bad news because this wonderful French duo will return after recording an album with Mr. Nash in Malaysia and Laos to join the Cambodian live music scene yet again - phew! And this is preceded by............... the Studio 182 closing down party !!! Whoooo-hoooooo. It will happen tonight at Studio 182 - so make sure to get down there and make it a great time worthy of the great shows put on by this classic Jazz Club bar.

One of the highlights this week will occur on Friday night when Los Poporks return to the PSE Charity Fundraiser Festival at the PSE compound in Steung Meanchey. This is a large annual show over 2 days that has many activities and performances that aims to raise money for the organization in it's quest to provide proper education and a stable future for many of Cambodia's underprivileged children. The night will probably also be highlighted by a surprise performance by the members of the Cambodian Space Project.

Another performance this Friday will be an acoustic version of the Lazy Drunks at the Frog & Shamrock. It features two of the members from the full band - Tom and Ian and promises to be a great performance with unique quality.

Le Jardin has stepped into the live music scene quite purposefully again this week with two gigs in their garden featuring French performers - CARMEN flamenco on Thursday and the Family Sunday Sessions with Sycé Swing on Sunday afternoon.

Sharkys introduce the first, of what is being termed, the Showcase Evenings. The idea of these evenings is to showcase new solo, duo and other new ensembles to the Sharky crowd. This first session features the classic Irish folk tunes of the Jameson Brothers. These are totally great for a beer and a sing-along to some totally classic tunes.

I leave you this week with a sample of the great work available in Phnom Penh by Ian White and Chris Minko. Ian is a video / documentary producer and he recently completed this film clip called Bangkok Tattoo by local band Krom - it can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/user/themekongsessions and is a song dedicated to the memory of Wassana Panmannee-Minko.

Cheers and see you around the traps. Here is this weeks gig guide.

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Friday 1-Apr-2011
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Saturday 2-Apr-2011
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Sunday 3-Apr-2011
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Tuesday 5-Apr-2011
  • DJ Achaya featuring DJ Cool Sam at Mao's [MORE INFO]
Wednesday 6-Apr-2011
  • 7:00PM ~ Peter Heeren at MetaHouse [MORE INFO]

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