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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Gig Guide - Thursday the 2nd of June, 2011

EQUINOX - bar cocktails, art gallery, live music, restaurant, pool table, foosball, dancing, rooftop. Open daily from 7:00AM

The great news this week is that the Kampot River Music Festival is all set for take-off. The 3-day music festival will happen over the full-moon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday the 24th, 25th and 26th of June, 2011. There will be a total of 3 venues and 10 bands, including (in probable order of appearance over the 3 days):
  • The Teaner Terners
  • Dub Addiction
  • Chiet's Kampot Band
  • Lost Highway
  • The Grass Snake Union Band
  • Cyclosonik
  • Captain Jack
  • The Cambodian Space Project
  • Bayon Blues
  • Syscé Swing
Tickets are $30 in advance and $40 on the door for the complete 3-days. For the Saturday and Sunday events, people between the ages of 10 to 15 (inclusive) can get tickets for $12 and children under 10 are free. 

The Friday night also has special tickets just for that night only. If you want to be part of the festival for this night only then the cost will be $5 in advance and $10 on the door, however a 3-day pass includes this event in the ticket purchase already. This should be a totally smokin' gig with one of the hottest bands in the country topping the bill - Dub Addiction. This has band totally wowed audiences in their two opening gigs so far, with their last gig at Sharkys drawing calls for an encore 3 times. The energy and the groove of this new band is awesome and I encourage you to get down to see them at their next gig - which I believe is penciled in as Mao's on the 18th of this month. They will be preceded at the festival by the indomitable Teaner Terners.

Tickets will for the festival go on sale this Monday - keep tuned to the web site for more details of how and where to get your tickets. The festival is looking really great at this point in time and I urge you to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

On to this weeks gig guide, and it has dominated by Mao's who have had live music on every night this week. They continue to present to you the best of Cambodia's bands this weekend with Sysé Swing on Friday and the Cambodian Space Project on Saturday night. Really looking forward to these gigs. Mao's will continue to provide the best Phnom Penh has to offer over the next few weeks with regular gigs from Mix & Match, Musikero, Muzikbyte and DJ Cool Sam and totally one-off gigs from Lost Highway and Dub Addiction (as mentioned) plus more!

Another new band that is really making waves across the live music community is the Grass Snake Union Band. They played to a packed house a couple of weeks ago at Equinox and will return to the same venue this Friday for a repeat performance. Equinox boasts the best system of sound performance available to local bands and the new layout and great air-conditioning will have the punters jumping till late in the night. The venue has Sysé Swing playing at their regular swing dance tonight.

Some of you may have been wondering what happened to Captain Jack - well they are back with a huge new couple of sets this Friday at Sharkys. This will be a much anticipated return and the punters and patrons of this venue are looking forward to a huge night of full-on Rolling Stones-esk rock. Not to be missed !

The Intercontinental Hotel is presenting Cecilia Yudha this weekend for the more culturally incline. The 8:00PM start time is not definite and I encourage you to call Art+ before you go to confirm. The X-Bar in Siem Reap will have a huge party this weekend with both Lost Highway followed by DJ Paradise on the bill. The Elsewhere First Friday party is on again this weekend and will happen across the road from Equinox with DJ DSN tuning the dance floor.

Look out in coming weeks for two more parties at Rubies, Diplo at Pontoon, the Ukes of Hazzard at the 99 Bar and a suite of local Khmer rock & roll bands at Sharkys

I leave you this week with a link to a video showing the total uniqueness and expertise of local Norwegian composer Ingolv Haaland and his group and and their original composition Cambodia. Ingolv can be seen and heard around Cambodia on occasion and I, like many others, hope he can bring his full band here one day. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxGLR4AoOmA

As always, have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig guide.

Ma's Restaurant & Pub - Open 7 days

  Live Music and DJs Gig Guide of Cambodia

Latest Gigs

Thursday 2-Jun-2011
  • 8:00PM ~ Sysé Swing at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Benjamin Powels Live at Mao's [MORE INFO]
Friday 3-Jun-2011
  • 6:30PM ~ Danse des Bambous et Concert de Percussions at CCF [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ The Grass Snake Union Band at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Sysé Swing at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Musikero at Paddy Rice [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Captain Jack at Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Emmanuel at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ DSN at Elsewhere  [MORE INFO]
  • 11:00PM ~ DJ Edwardowski at the X-Bar  [MORE INFO]
Saturday 4-Jun-2011
  • 8:00PM ~ Cecilia Yudha at the Intercontinental Hotel [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Mahalo & Friends at Molly Malones in Siem Reap [CANCELED]
  • 9:00PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Lost Highway and DJ Paradise at the X-Bar in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Ben Powles at The 1961 in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Big Time at Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Illest at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
Sunday 5-Jun-2011
  • 5:00PM ~ Sysé Swing at Paddy Rice
Tuesday 7-Jun-2011
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Jimmy at Pacharan with Loco [MORE INFO]

Wednesday 8-Jun-2011
  • 8:00PM ~ The Ukes of Hazzard at 99 Bar [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Lost Highway at Molly Malones in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]

Coming Gigs
  • The Kampot River Music Festival presented by Leng Pleng at Les Manguiers, the Bodhi Villa and Villa Vedici in Kampot [MORE INFO]
  • Sliten6ix and Pilgrim at the Fête de la Musique Phnom Penh presented by the Memphis Pub  
  • The Cambodian Space Project at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • Diplo at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • World Music Day in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
  • The Ukes of Hazzard at 99 Bar [MORE INFO]
  • Lost Highway at Mao's
  • Dub Addiction at Mao's
  • Dr Wah Wah at Rubies with We Got the Funk [MORE INFO] and Donkey Kong [MORE INFO]
  • Sliten6IX and AntiFate [MORE INFO], Hippie Hippie Orchestra, Clash City Rockers, Pilgrim, Lost Highway, Cartoon Emo, Animation and Holliday in Cambodia at Sharky's  [MORE INFO
  • Warapo at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Jimmy at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  • Fruity at The Eighty8  [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Lefty, DJ Illest and Marco Anthony at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Stevie J, DJ Rob Little and DJ Achaya at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • 12Mé & Raph and Open Mic at the Chenla Theatre for the Fête de la musique [MORE INFO]

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