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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Gig Guide - Thursday the 9th of June, 2011

EQUINOX - bar cocktails, art gallery, live music, restaurant, pool table, foosball, dancing, rooftop. Open daily from 7:00AM

Coming at you live from the neighborhood of Daun Penh in the heart of downtown Phnom Penh.

As mentioned in last weeks weekly blurb, tickets for the Leng Pleng Kampot River Music Festival are now on sale. The details of how you can get tickets as well as information on how to get to the festival, band schedule and venue location and contacts, can all be see here. More than half the tickets have already been sold, so we urge you not to delay in getting yours.

In this week's gig guide there are two international artists in town that will perform at exclusive events in the capital. The first is international award winning, classical-jazz pianist Gabriele Faja from London, England who debuts at the MetaHouse tonight. This is part of this venue's continuing dedication to Franz Liszt and is a rare opportunity for people based in Phnom Penh. More details in the link below. Entry fee is $5.00.

The second much anticipated arrival to Cambodia's capital is DJ and music producer Diplo from Philadelphia, U.S.A.. Diplo has collaborated with artists like M.I.A., Shakira, Robyn, Kid Cudi, Bruno Mars and Snoop Dogg and was instrumental in putting together Major Lazer - a collaborative music project with Switch. He will be playing at Pontoon this Sunday. Click here to hear samples of his music. Entry is $8 on the door and $6 if you purchase in advance.

Friday sees a Rubies' party with Dr. Wah Wah, and the acoustic tones of Manu at Paddy Rice. Mao's also present the latest offering from Musikero. Cool!

On Saturday night there will be a great gig at Equinox entitled Drums, Bass & Horns. This will be one of the the last performances by the cool yet effervescent Benjamin Clouet from Los Poporks and will involve a number of musicians from this band and the disbanded Mekong Pirates. It promises to be a 'funky jam of musical madness' and should not be missed.

The new band, the Cyclosoniks, played a great couple of sets at the Bong Thom dot Com 11th Year Anniversary Party last weekend and were totally grooving and happening. Totally worth catching these guys at the Alley Cat Café this Saturday at 7:00PM.

Another great gig will be Lost Highway as they return to Phnom Penh from the capital of the northern reaches of Cambodia and play at Mao's. This may also be one of the last times you will be able to catch this classic country-blues-rock outfit as some of the members may be returning back to their country of origin some time soon. They will be on stage this Saturday at around 9:00PM.

Saturday also sees the DJing skills of Fruity at the new Eighty8 venue as well as the Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra at Sharkys. This latter gig will also include a lot of beer drinking during a number of competitions they will run for their Beerfest Feast. The competitions have some great prizes plus some special items from the famous Sharky's menu. Should be a totally great night of beer, food and music.

In other news, look out for the Cambodian Space Project and Music Buddies in a village near you as they take the band on the lesser-known roads of Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. The plan is for the musicians to tour the remotest areas in three countries over 50 days and nights and to take the message of peace and happiness that music brings. The project is looking for any advice or suggestions for places you might think are worth visiting - feel free to contact them. More details are available here.

In coming weeks look for Milkteeth from Hong Kong playing at Equinox plus a huge night of music at the Memphis Pub for the Fête de la Musique and Lost Highway playing at a great new venue for music called The Score.

I will leave you this week with a totally great video from UK rapper GobShite, who recently relocated to Cambodia, and really wraps up and lays down his feelings on the status of things as he sees them. It can be viewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URYAQxx1wc4&feature=player_embedded.

As always, have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig-guide.

Ma's Restaurant & Pub - Open 7 days

  Live Music and DJs Gig Guide of Cambodia

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Thursday 9-Jun-2011
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Friday 10-Jun-2011
  • 9:00PM ~ Musikero at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Manu at Paddy Rice [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Sliten6IX and AntiFate at Sharky's [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Dr Wah Wah at Rubies with We Got the Funk [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Stevie J, DJ Rob Little and DJ Achaya at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
Saturday 11-Jun-2011
  • 7:00PM ~ Cyclosonik at the Alley Cat Café [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Drums, Bass & Horns at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Lost Highway at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Mahalo & Friends at Molly Mallone's in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ The Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra at Sharky's  [MORE INFO
  • 8:30PM ~ DJ Jimmy at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Fruity at The Eighty8  [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Island, DJ Tonn and DJ Matoo at the X-Bar in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
Sunday 12-Jun-2011
Monday 13-Jun-2011
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  • The Kampot River Music Festival presented by Leng Pleng at Les Manguiers, the Bodhi Villa and Villa Vedici in Kampot [MORE INFO]
  • Cartoon Emo, Sliten6ix, Saat Band, Kheltica, Holliday in Cambodia, Mr. Nu, Live Wire, Srey Nuch, Skip, Rock X-Press, Maia and A2Fly at the Fête de la Musique Phnom Penh presented by the Memphis Pub  [MORE INFO]
  • The Cambodian Space Project at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • World Music Day in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
  • Dub Addiction at Mao's
  • Dr Wah Wah at Rubies with Donkey Kong [MORE INFO]
  • The Clash City Rockers, Pilgrim, Lost Highway, Cartoon Emo, Animation and Holliday in Cambodia at Sharky's  [MORE INFO
  • Warapo at the FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Lefty, DJ Illest and Marco Anthony at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • 12Mé & Raph and Open Mic at the Chenla Theatre for the Fête de la musique [MORE INFO]
  • Milkteeth at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • Musikero at the NOCC Phnom Penh Half Marathon in Hun Sen Park
  • Lost Highway at The Score [MORE INFO]
  • Joe Gradante at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Tech 12 and MC HydroPhonics at Pontoon  [MORE INFO]
  • 12Mé at Equinox

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