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The Leng Pleng Gig Guide comes out on a Thursday or Friday of every week

Gig Guide - Thursday the 18th of August, 2011


Totally under the pump still so apologies for the brevity of this email. We are just starting to get to the other side of the low season so things are starting to pick up again.

Some great things on tonight with Paddy Rice having their one year anniversary of their Electric Eclectic Limelight Jukebox Jam. It should be a totally great night tonight - all musicians welcome to get there and play.

Also tonight, direct from New York City is Lottie Dah at The Score. Her debut came with the group Up Front featuring their mega-hit single “Infatuation,” which went on to sell two hundred fifty thousand copies. Should be huuuuuge !!!

Also new music and jam nights evrey Friday and Saturdays at the Red Orchid featuring Brentus JP - playing a great selection of accoustic songs - more on that next week.

Have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around th traps. Here's this weeks' gig-guide.

Latest Gigs

Thursday 18-Aug-2011
  • 8:30PM ~ Diego and Phil at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Lottie Dah at The Score Bar [MORE INFO]
Friday 19-Aug-2011
  • 7:00PM 12th & Ralph, KlapYaHandz at NRG Warehouse [MORE INFO]
  • 7:00PM ~ The Ukes of Hazzard and Skip at French Cultural Center [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ Teaner Terners at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30PM ~ Diego and Phil at Meeting House
  • 8:30PM DJ Illest, Stryker Lefty and Marco Anthony at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Dr. Wah Wah at Rubies Wine Bar [MORE INFO]  
  • 9:00PM ~ DJ Strike at X-Bar in Siem Reap
Saturday 20-Aug-2011
  • 9:00PM ~ Muikero at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00PM ~ The Stiff Little Punks and The Anti-Fate at Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • 9:30PM ~ Juram at The FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
Coming Up
  • Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers at The FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO
  • Electro Lab at Harem Shisha Lounge [MORE INFO]
  • DJ Skerrit Bwoy at Pontoon [MORE INFO]
  • DJ ND at Pontoon [MORE INFO]

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