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Gig Guide - Thursday the 22nd of September, 2011


I hesitate to say that the music scene is starting to pick up again. I hesitate because the last two times I have written such things the subsequent gig guide nose-dived into a series of  regular copy & paste scenarios - notwithstanding the strength of the DJ scene.

This week, however, there seems to be some possible impetus injecting itself into the local music traps around town. The first being local Khmer pop 'heart-throb' Top Man at Le Café Mith Samlanh tonight. Top Man follows the traditional contemporary love-rock ballads with the screaming guitar breaks and forlorn lyrics with an occasional electrified vocals thrown into the mix. Like most music of this genre, the performance focuses on the image of the vocals performer.

If you are looking for a Khmer performance that involves full-on rock and a fully involved band then get to Equinox on Saturday when Sliten6ix will perform their outrageous and original heavy metal rock. This band is emerging from a whole suite of new Khmer rock bands that have touted their wares at various venues across town over the present year. Saturday night will see a new chapter emerging in this story.

The famous annual piss-up will occur again this weekend at the Sunway Hotel when Oktoberfest comes to town. The band flown in for this years event will be the Bayern-Land Echo who will pump out some totally fun, traditional German folk as patrons swig their beers and get up on the dance floor. The event happens both Friday and Saturday starting at 7:00PM.

Rubies are hosting one of their always-popular parties on the corner of streets 19 & 240 on Friday night. Once again it will be Dr Wah Wah who will spin the tunes and get the mood happening late into the evening.

Finally, an Australian radio journalist, Stephanie Francis, was in the country around the time of the Kampot River Music Festival in June of this year. She was making a documentary about the status of the live music scene in the Kingdom. The documentary was aired on the BBC World Service this week and the podcast of the documentary can be heard here - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00k4s9z. There are some interesting interviews and comments by several local performers in the 23 minute coverage and it is worth a listen.

An important aspect covered by this documentary is the assertion that the local music scene has been gaining its strength from the fusion bands that are emerging from the influence of Khmer music on local expats and vice-verse. In particular the Cambodian Space Project, Dub Addiction, KlapYaHadz and Cheat's Kampot Band are mentioned. The recent emergence of the local Khmer rock bands was not covered but is another example of this. I believe these recent successes have been an artifact of the great musical ideas (past and present) tied up in the local Cambodians, Cambodian's love of music and the influence of expats who can provide genre's, inspiration and framework that allows new expressions to emerge. The success of the Cambodian Space Project has been built on the brilliant musical ideas that emerged in Cambodia in the late 1960s and the ability of this band's members to bring this to the ears and minds of the western audience.

I believe there are more opportunities waiting to emerge from this fusion, but it will take some level of boldness and support on behalf of the musicians,venues and audience.The opportunities in creativity and appreciation available to artists who can successfully meld the music from different cultures is real - not to mention a totally great time for audience and performers alike.

I will leave you today with  two videos. One from Dub Addiction and one from Gobshite. Enjoy them.

Have a greeat weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig guide.

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