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Gig-Guide - Thursday the 29th of September, 2011


We hope everyone has enjoyed the wonderful celebration and ceremony which is the annual PChum Ben break. We hope that you all survived safe and sound and paid respect to all those wonderful people whom you know from the past. Ted and I also hope the flooding hasn't got you down. I am sure that all fellow Leng Pleng enthusiasts will join us in wishing all those affected by the flooding in the northern reaches of the country the best in overcoming the recent adversity.

One band I neglected to mention in last weeks wrap of the bands covering the fusion between Khmer and Western music is, of course, Dengue Fever. They are probably the first, best known and most successful of all the bands to cover this genre, so I wondered to myself why I had not included them. It was probably related to the fact they they have not been seen in Cambodia very much and, certainly, not on a regular basis. Well that is going to change later this year as the band returns to Cambodia in November!!!!! It is totally great news and I know a lot of people, including Ted and I, are very happy to hear the news. Their tour will also incorporate Laos and Vietnam. 

Well, it definitely looks like things are picking up now. We have been contacted with no less than three new acts this week and have seen the return of several bands back into the Kingdom - including the members of the capitals two hottest bands Dub Addiction and the Grass Snake Union Band. Of the new acts, one exciting ensemble looks to be the GTS Jazz Piano Trio. The band will debut next month at a venue which is new to hosting live music - K-West. The trio will feature an upright bass and as they delve into the golden era of western music from the earlier part of last century. They are touted as "Irresistible swing from ‘30s to sumptuous, melodic arrangements of famous standards.". Cool!

MetaHouse has two gigs on this weekend which both look to be very special indeed. Thursday they will feature Cambodian music in the form of the heavy metal Animation and also feature one of Cambodia's better known and energetic rap performers, Bou Khleang. Well worth getting down there. 

On Friday night the venue introduces two bands featuring musicians from the U.S.. The concert will explore experimental sounds and ambient noises and, as such, it should be a rather unique experience for all music lovers. Both bands reside in South Korea and Awkward Binoculars has toured Japan and south-east Asia as well as releasing two albums. Their web site is available here.

Equinox has not been idle over their mid-year sojourn and have now upgraded their stage with new features that include computer controlled lights. Cool! The system can be witnessed this Saturday night as Holliday in Cambodia return with the second of their two gigs this weekend - their first being Paddy Rice on Friday.

Also watch out for the Cambodian Space Project this weekend. I am reliably assured that this will definitely be the last time you will be able to catch the band for quite some time. They are on a fly-through visit back from their gigs in England and will fly on to do some gigs in Singapore, Bali and Tasmania. They are planning an extended stay in Australia hence we may not get to see the band in Cambodia for some time.

Look out next month when Equinox comes fully back online with gigs by Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers, the Ukes of Hazzard, Syse Swing and the Grass Snake Union Band. Definitely the most happening live music venue in town.

I will leave you this week with a taste of what you can expect later this year with the arrival of Dengue Fever - check it out! 

From Ted and I here in the back-streets of Phnom Penh - have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps.

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