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Gig Guide - Friday the 14th of October, 2011


The two obvious words for this weeks gig-guide are 'rock' and 'indie' with around-about 90% of this week's live music performances emanating from people who describe their music using these words. The most prominent of which will be Conrad Keely who, together with Jason Reece, fronted a huge international band - ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. This band has appeared on the U.S.'s Tonight Show with David Letterman a couple of times and have have accolades placed on them by Rolling Stone magazine and, the well-known internet publisher of alternative music reviews, Pitchfork Media. Conrad Keely will play a solo set of originals with his electric guitar at Equinox this Friday. So cool! This will be followed by the totally fun and substantial eclectic couple of sets by Ukes of Hazzard. I totally recommend you to get down there tonight.

Another other big gig on this Friday is the debut of a totally new, and subtly named, ensemble the Muscle of Love. It will feature a number of well-known local musicians and will cover the music of 70s garage-pop-rock-star Alice Cooper. This will be preceded by a set covering another U.S. grunge-rock outfit of the 70s - The Cramps - by members of the Stiff Little Punks. All happening at Sharkys.

Saturday sees a collection of  special performances, starting with the unique sounds of singer/songwriter of 70s cult band Radio City, Skip Sutherland. This will be an early gig and is aimed at the no-longer-younger generation with kids who want to see live music but just can't quite seem to stay up as long as they may have used to. It will occur at Cafe Mith Samlanh in the garden of the Institut Francais du Cambodge. It starts at the very reasonable time of 10:00AM and will be a great place to take the kids while you can sit back enjoy a coffee and the great sounds coming from Skip and his cool guitar.

A quick note to say that Saturday night's gig by Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers at Paddy Rice has also had to be rescheduled due to unavoidable circumstances. The band promises to be back in action soon.

As an alternative on Saturday night you can get down to MetaHouse at 7:00PM where the launch of a brand new music magazine will occur. The magazine is being put together by the Department of Media and Communication (DMC) at the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) and will be called Dontrey. The content of the magazine will cover ancient tribal music to the internationally renowned Khmer rock of the 1960s to the pop music of today. Cool! The launch at MetaHouse will allow you to purchase the first issue of the magazine as well as see and hear music from students of DMC-RUPP and also Mr. Svay Saw - one of the original musicians who played with the legendary Sin Sisomouth.

Saturday night also sees Sharkys latest live-music rendition - the Battle of the Bands. The night will pit some of the venue's best expat bands against some of the newest and best Khmer heavy rock bands available in the country. With about 8 bands playing around 15-minute sets each - it should be a totally great showcase of great rock & roll talent. With bar-manager Dave playing in at least one of the bands, I hope they have the judging system sorted out.

Alternatively, cadres of the Salsa culture can take to the dance floor at the FCC Phnom Penh on Saturday night as DJ Jimmy Salsa does the job of getting peoples feet moving. Cool!

I will leave you this week with 2 videos from the Conrad Keely  and from ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Enjoy them here:

From Ted and I here in the back streets of Phnom Penh, have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig-guide.

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