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Gig Guide - Thursday the 15th of December, 2011


Get ready for another great weekend of live music and DJ parties as we roll around close to the years end. This weeks edition is just so totally packed full of completely great shows! Hang on as we try to delve into all the great series of gigs lined up for this weekend.

The weekend starts early again this week at MetaHouse as they indulge in their Expat SoundSystem series - this week featuring "post-dubstep-electronica" from DJ Tonle Dub. Cool!

The totally anticipated return of Dub Addiction has finally arrived at the capital this weekend at Equinox. This band filled venues with people and superb reggae-ragga-dub vibes earlier this year when they burst onto the scene in May and at the inaugural Kampot River Music Festival. They have not played a full gig at a full Phnom Penh music venue since the 2nd of July this year, so you can expected a totally packed house at Equinox this Friday night.

MetaHouse has a very special show on this Friday when they present 3 top performers - Conrad Keely, Amanda Bloom and Diva International. The gig is an exhibition opening of the artwork of Conrad Keely and is collection of some of his best pieces over the past 20 years. It also includes some he has completed more recently while in Cambodia. The musical performances of Amanda Bloom and Diva International will follow the opening.

Also on Friday, classic R&R fans can join the special annual performance of the Curtis King Band together with Juram at Sharkys as they celebrate their 16th year as the longest running rock & roll bar in Indochina. It will be a special gig that will be full of tons of entertainment and a packed stage (more than 10 musicians at times!).

On Saturday the live music feast starts at 4:00PM at the Olympic Stadium when international superstars Click 5 from the U.S. are joined on stage by Korean all-girl band After School plus full-on local talent, including Amanda Bloom and Cartoon Emo. It is a free concert as it is put on through MTV and USAID and aims to support, and bring attention to, the terrible human cost directly attributable to human trafficking. It will be a one-off and totally unmissable spectacle and I urge you not to miss this very, very special event. Please enjoy the show and get a good handle on the message which they are trying to get you to understand.

Saturday night sees a very special musical performance at the Java Cafe. It will feature two sound and video artists - David Gunn and Guillermo E. Brown. The gig is touted as a live music project where the musicians hit the streets several days before the show to collect sounds and images, and construct a live audio-visual performance entirely from the material collected during this visit. Very special indeed.

A night full of entertainment will also be had at the FCC Phnom Penh this week as the entertaining ukulele duo - the Ukes of Hazzard - present their psychedelic Christmas carols. These guys are always a night worth catching.

To round of a totally special weekend Conrad Keely returns to Equinox and Phnom Penh to do a one-off special show with fellow singer-songwriters TJ Brown (from Grass Snake Union) and Billy Page.

Later into Saturday night you can enjoy the special Christmas party put on by the Riverhouse Lounge. You are going to want to look your very best if you turn up at this show with two international guests spinning the tunes - including 4Play and Korean DJ, and Calvin Klein Supermodel, Mr. Brandon Neville. There will also be live dance shows with 4Play Russian dancers. Smokin' hot!

Personally, I can't get over the amount of great shows on this weekend!. Probably one of the best ever covered by this guide. So cool!!!

I must also mention that the unique, underground music venue known as The Cavern now has a popular Open Mic night every Monday night. Well worth getting down for all local musicians.

I will leave you this week with a great video by Marc Erbele which is a song by the Cambodian Space Project on their recent series of gigs in the capital. It is at the little known, hole-in-the-wall known as the Fun Planet on Street 19 and features the song "Not Easy Rock and Roll".

Also, catch some of the latest offerings by Dub Addiction at their Sound Cloud page: http://soundcloud.com/user1700117/sets/dub-addiction-cambodias-number/

From Ted and I here in the back streets of Phnom Penh, have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig-guide.

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  • 9:00 PM ~ Conrad Kealy, Billy Page and TJ Brown at Equinox [MORE INFO]
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Sunday 18-Dec-2011
  • 5:00 PM ~ Rory and Al at Rubies Wine Bar [MORE INFO]
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