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Gig Guide - Thursday the 19th of January, 2012


I will start off the gig guide this week with a video. It is a latest release from Krom. It is the first song in Khmer that the band has released and is sung by Cambodian Living Arts graduate Sophea Chamroeun. The song “Where are you?” tells the story of irretrievable lost love and its sad consequences. May be you can listen to it as you read the rest of this week's relatively extensive gig-guide blurb.

Professor Kinski opens the music weekend at MetaHouse tonight after the regular Thursday night movie. Also the Memphis Pub continues their series of 3rd party gigs tonight with special guest Diego Dimarques. Diego is a French-Spanish guitarst / singer-songwriter who is part of the Gypsy Kings family - the story of this very famous musical troupe and their families can be seen here. He first came to Cambodia last year to release his album after an invite from his good friend and musical associate Phil Javelle (i.e.: from Ritchy & Phil) and fell in love with the place. He returns to Phnom Penh tonight to play a set of acoustic songs backed by Phil playing some dubbing backing tracks and keyboard. The show will be followed by a set engineered by DJ Felipe. Should be a totally great gig.

The following night (Friday) Diego Dimarques will play at the Bouchon Bar (on Street 246 - the small street straight across from the Himawari hotel), this time together with the full duo of Phil & Ritchy with, what will be, a totally great mix of Brazillian / Mexican / South-American / Spanish Bossa Nova, reggae, and Latino mix. A totally exceptional gig for true live music enthusiasts.

That same night, Equinox will be celebrating their 6th anniversary with a platter of great live music featuring Conrad Keely, Dub Addiction and Durian. This will be a great night of prodigious proportions. The place will be veritably packed with some of Cambodia's best expat musicians and live music advocates.

You may be faced with some tough choices on Friday because on the other end of town, from the Khmer heavy metal rock society, Sharkys host the Cambodian Headbangers Ball III. This feature acts are the outrageously heavy Sliten6ix together with Anti-Fate. On Saturday night the venues continues the heavy rock vibe with the unmistakable sounds of Cambodia's longest running expat band - Bum N Draze.

Having said that (i.e.: longest running expat band comment), there is one person who might take exception to that, being the original man of expat sounds here in the Capital - Charlie. Charlie is a veritable musical jukebox with one of the countries most beautiful voices. He has been playing around the traps here in Cambodia ever since the early nineties and he can be seen again this week at the regular gigs of the Riverside Bistro. This venue is having live music every day of the week, usually with their house band but it features Charlie on Mondays and Saturday nights as well as an open mic on Sundays.

The Red Orchid are ramping up the live music choices this weekend with 2 gigs from well known bands - Holliday in Cambodia on Friday and Musikero on Saturday. Cool! Other gigs of note include the return of Warapo to the Latin Quarter and DJ Jimmy Salsa playing at the FCC Phnom Penh.

Next Wednesday another special gig at the Memphis Pub as they present the harmonica maestro Mr. Nash playing songs from his recently released album. He will play together with Ritchy & Phil.

Coming up don't miss the Cambodian leg of the south-east Asian tour of Jerry Joseph.  He will be playing a number of gigs, both in Kampot and Phnom Penh and usually in conjunction with the mellifluous melodies emanating from Frank Ruffolo's accordion. You can get warmed up by listening to a couple of Jerry's tunes - which can be downloaded here - Friendly Fire and Revolution

Also not to be missed will be a very special couple of gigs from Little Duke and the Mekong Blues Messengers as they reform to perform on the south coast at Sihanoukville's hottest live-music venue - the Led Zephyr. Totally cool. Also look for Kheltica for a couple of gigs, Grass Snake Union and the return of the Curtis King Band.

Another band you should catch this weekend is the Teaner Terners. The band will play at Equinox this Saturday night. They will most likely perform this totally rockin' song called Pygmy Tim. It is an original tune and has got to be one of the best original tunes coming from any expat bands in Cambodia. It is totally outstanding. The viedo, shot almost entirely at the GreenHouse in Kampot, can be viewed below:

Also to get you warmed up for the weekend - here is the Gypsy King's most well known compositions. It is called Bamboleo and can be viewed below:

One more video to round things off is a video from Paul Janovskis and Matt Dwyer of an amateur video taken up in Siem Reap during their Uptown Liquor tour of November 2011. Looking forward to the boys return next time.

Cheers and from Ted and I here in the back streets of Phnom Penh, have a great New Years weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this weeks gig-guide.

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 Thursday 19-Jan-2012
  • 7:00 PM ~ Professor Kinski at MetaHouse [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ Diego Dimarques and Phil Javelle and DJ Felipe at The Memphis Pub [MORE INFO]
Friday 20-Jan-2012
  • 8:00 PM ~ Ritchy & Phil and Diego Dimarques at The Bouchon Bar [MORE INFO]
  • 8:00 PM ~ Sliten6ix and Anti-Fate at Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • 8:30 PM ~ Holliday in Cambodia at The Red Orchid [MORE INFO]
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Saturday 21-Jan-2012
  • 8:30 PM ~ Musikero at The Red Orchid [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ Dub Addiction at Mao's [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Jimmy Salsa at The FCC Phnom Penh [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Teaner Terners at Equinox [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ Warapo at The Latin Quarter [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ Bum N Draze at Sharkys [MORE INFO]
  • 9:00 PM ~ CamboJam , Milo & Friends , 33 Degrees and Banned at The X-Bar in Siem Reap [MORE INFO]
  • 11:00 PM ~ DJ Flo Trallala and Dr. Wah Wah at The Cotton Club [MORE INFO]
Sunday 22-Jan-2012
  • 7:00 PM ~ Buckeburg Trio at MetaHouse [MORE INFO]
Wednesday 25-Jan-2012
  • 9:00 PM ~ Mr. Nash at The Memphis Pub [MORE INFO]
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