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Gig Guide - Thursday the 11th of October, 2012


A 5-day holiday in on the horizon this weekend. It is the end of Pchum Ben and marks a time when stress levels start to taper off and the cooler, greener and happier season takes over. It is a time when Khmer families get together and pay respect to past relatives and it also means that pagodas all over the country will be planning festivities that involve a lot of dancing and music. Cool!

Please pay a thought and bring forth respectful memories to your past relatives and friends over the next few days. If you feel so inclined then you can enter one of the thousands of pagodas around the country and offer some rice and food, some money or incense. I can assure you that the local people will be more than happy to help and accommodate anything you would like to do in this respect.

Being Pchum Ben, the gig guide is a little light relative to more recent weeks. That doesn't, however, mean there are not some totally smokin' gigs happening this weekend.

It all starts on Thursday in Siem Reap when Awkward Binoculars and Blu will take patrons on a journey through sound at The 1961. Also a new duo will perform at Molly Malones. They are called Auric Eyes. Check out this great cover of the duo doing the Snow Patrol song Chasing Cars.

Also on Thursday in Phnom Penh you can catch the first of two special gigs at MetaHouse. Amanda Bloom will be doing a live performance of her forthcoming album. There is no doubting Amanda's outstanding vocals and lyrics that tell of love and relationships. She has the unique ability to capture the audience in the palm of her hand with just a piano and beautiful, melodic poetry. Should be a very special performance indeed.

The venue follows up on this unique gig with a gig of momentous proportions. The international stars of the DJ console Layo & Bushwacker will be playing at MetaHouse on Friday night. These two superstars of the international DJ arena will be preceded by the great sounds of DJ Flo Trallala, Awkward Binoculars and Blu. What a cool night! Metahouse definitely takes "Venue of the Week" prize this week ;oP. Please note that this gig has a limited number of tickets ($15). You might want to get a ticket in advance to make sure you gain entry.

Also on this weekend is the Euro-Punk rock of BP and the Schkoots. They play at the totally great sound of Memphis on Friday and the totally local rock & roll mecca of Sharkys on Saturday. They are billed as "playing covers of legendary punk bands like the Ramones and the Sex Pistols as well as original songs written by Bob Passion. The songs are in French, English and Khmer with a frenzied rhythm. With The Schkoots, you’ll live and relive the glory days of Punk!". Cool!

In Kampot this Saturday don't forget to catch the Kampot Playboys at the opening of a brand new venue right on the river - the Naga House. Also, at Paddy Rice on Friday see the new band Jaworski 7 as they play a range of twisted covers.

Altogether a very cool weekend of music.

Talking of very cool happenings, you should check out the following video. The Cambodian Space Project has been performing at the Ubud Writers & Readers  Festival in Bali, Indonesia over this past week. In the audience has been many auspicious people, including Nick Cave and José Ramos-Horta. Nick Cave was kind enough to give Marc Eberle his thoughts on the music of the Cambodian Space Project and even spoke some Khmer. Check it out!

From Ted and I here in the back streets of Phnom Penh, have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this week's gig guide

Latest Gigs

Thursday 11-Oct-2012
  • 8:00 PM ~ Awkward Binoculars * and Blu * at The 1961 in Siem Reap
  • 8:00 PM ~ Amanda Bloom at MetaHouse
  • 8:30 PM ~ Auric Eyes at Molly Malones in Siem Reap
Friday 12-Oct-2012
  • 9:00 PM ~ Layo & Bushwacker *, DJ Flo Trallala, Awkward Binoculars * and Blu *  at MetaHouse
  • 9:00 PM ~ Jaworski 7 at Paddy Rice
  • 9:00 PM ~ BP & the Schkoots at The Memphis Pub
  • 10:00 PM ~ Rob Little and DJ Gang at Pontoon
Saturday 13-Oct-2012
  • 7:00 PM ~ Ritchy Boisson, Sebastien Adnot and Sylvie Izzo at The Red Apron
  • 9:00 PM ~ BP & the Schkoots at Sharkys
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Kampot Playboys at The Naga House in Kampot
  • 11:00 PM ~ Digital Punks at The RiverHouse Lounge
Coming Up
  • Kok Thlok at Equinox 
  • Dub Addiction at Equinox 
  • The Cambodian Space Project at Equinox 
  • The Grass Snake Union at Equinox 
  • 9th International Music Festival at the Cambodian-Japanese Cooperation Center and the Hotel Intercontinental
  • DJ Gang at The FCC Phnom Penh 
  • DJ Two Face at The RiverHouse Lounge 
  • Balgass at Equinox 

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