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Gig Guide - Week Starting Thursday the 21st of March, 2013


Another totally huge guide of smokin' gigs. Firstly I'd like to zoom through some of the special-slash-unique gigs on in this week's guide and then I will fill you in on a few pieces of news from the local scene. I haven't done this the past few weeks due to the appearance of articles from guest writers.

No less than 32 gigs on this week, starting with five quality gigs on tonight (Thursday). If you are in the vicinity of Street 360 then you will be able to catch three gigs from neighbouring venues - Scott Bywater at the Baitong Bar & Restaurant, the Rhiannon Johnson Quartet at the Village and Diego Dimarques at Le Jardin. Cool! Near Wat Phnom you will be able to enjoy a great Brazillian selection from Phil & Ritchy and Toma Willen. Also very cool!

Friday sees a selection of at least 10 gigs. The totally special Klezbodians will be extolling the wonderful virtues of Yiddish dance music at the Opera Cafe. This is a really cool new venue near the corner of Streets 13 and 178 - diametrically opposite the National Museum. Should be a great gig with a totally danceable atmosphere. A brand new ensemble takes to the stage at Paddy Rice on this same night. It is a band called RNA & Friends and will feature the beautiful Princess Soma Norodom as the MC for the night. Cool! That same night make sure to catch English acoustic-guitar singer/songwriter Joe Wrigley at the Memphis Pub. Smokin'!

The last time the Cambodian Space Project played Equinox there was an unavoidable power outage. That gig was really starting to pounce and bounce just as the lights went out, so the fact that the band is playing there again this Friday night should see the place absolutely packed - especially since this os one of the last time the band will be playing in Cambodia for quite a while. The band will be heading off to Australia for some touring and recording next week.

This weeks special write-up by DJ Sequence about the local underground DJ scene has been moved to next week but that should not distract you from the fact that the performer will bounce the airwaves off the walls of MetaHouse together with DJ Tonle Dub and DJ Kaotek on Friday. The write-up last week from Dave of Sharkys gave you a good idea of what the music scene is like from the Sharky stage. This week the venue features two bands - Two Shots & a Chaser play a great set of rock-a-billy and rock classics on Friday night and is billed as "The loudest acoustic guitars in CAmbodia... Its Martin Vs Hagstrom in a fight to the deaf!". On Saturday night he classic contemporary rock covers from the Lazy Drunks will fill the huge Sharky venue.

Saturday during the day sees two special gigs. The first is at 10:00AM and is a performance by Bloco Malagasy - an all female drum troupe from Madagascar. Some of you may have seen them play last weekend. They are on a tour of Cambodia and are playing at various venues around the country - including two gigs in Sihanoukville. On Saturday afternoon there is a very special day organized by Mith Samlanh. It is an afternoon of acoustic music and features a great variety some of the countries top live music performers. Later that same day you will be able to catch Dub Addiction as they make their performing debut at the FCC Phnom Penh. Definitely a gig with a difference for this venue and with a roof top bar and a huge dance area and with the approaching hot season - this could be a totally happening gig. Another gig to look for on Saturday is the Khmer metal-rock ensemble which is AntiFate. They will play at the ShowBox and are a totally well rehearsed and professional Cambodian band with a great selection of heavier and not so heavy original rock tunes and covers.

Music fans in around the country should get ready for a series of gigs emanating from Siem Reap. The burgeoning music scene in Siem Reap is producing a growing number of happening venues and totally smokin' bands. Three of the bands are looking at making a tour of the major urban centres around the country in the near future. This includes a new Khmer 60s rock - western-fusion band called At Panha, a Russian Ska band named Na Zdorovie and band playing contemporary rock covers known as The Siemreapers. This is so super cool I just cannot think of good enough superlatives. Here is a taste of the Russian Ska band.

The tunes from Jerby Santos and the guys from Jaworski 7 can sometimes be heard floating across the Tonle Sap to Phnom Penh central from the Chroy Changva peninsular. Here is a sample of what you might hear.

Also next week DJ Mark Coles will broadcast the premiere of 2 new songs from Krom along with an interview with Krom composer and guitarist Christopher Minko. The songs are “She’s Seven Years Old” and “The Wire” and can be hooked into digitally through www.mixcloud.com. Cool.

Also next week look for the totally outrageous and happening international band emanating from France via Hong Kong - Dr. Eggs. We will be featuring an interview with the bands creative force - the amicable and implacable Joul Jacquin. Super cool!

From Ted and I here in the back streets of Phnom Penh, have a great weekend, be cool with each other and see you around the traps. Here's this week's gig guide.
Latest Gigs

Thursday 21-Mar-2013
  • 6:00 PM ~ Diego Dimarques at Le Jardin
  • 7:30 PM ~ Scott Bywater at The Baitong Restaurant & Bar
  • 8:30 PM ~ The Rhiannon Johnson Quartet at The Village
  • 9:00 PM ~ Ritchy & Phil and Toma Willen at The Doors
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Khmootsy at MetaHouse
Friday 22-Mar-2013
  • 6:30 PM ~ French-German Caberet at The Institut Francais du Cambodge
  • 7:00 PM ~ Lee Bong Gyo *, Bruno Schell, Celine Bacque, David Lim and Eric Ellul at The Java Cafe & Gallery
  • 9:00 PM ~ Ritchy & Phil at The Bouchon Bar
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Equinox
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Klezbodians at The Opera Cafe
  • 9:00 PM ~ RNA + Friends at Paddy Rice
  • 9:00 PM ~ Two Shots and a Chaser at Sharkys
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Tonle Dub, DJ Sequence and DJ Kaotek at MetaHouse
  • 10:00 PM ~ Joe Wrigley at The Memphis Pub
Saturday 23-Mar-2013
  • 10:00 AM ~ Bloco Malagasy * at The Institut Francais du Cambodge
  • 2:00 PM ~ The Fumes, Kheltica, Pou Klaing, Diego Dimarques, Euan Gray, Kok Thlok, Bloco Malagasy *, Nen Tum The and Mayors of Simpleton at The Mith Samlanh Center
  • 8:30 PM ~ Dub Addiction at The FCC Phnom Penh
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Lazy Drunks at Sharkys
  • 9:00 PM ~ Bunni at MetaHouse
  • 9:00 PM ~ Dr. Wah Wah, Warren Daly, Shine On and Dina Chhan at MetaHouse
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Anti-Fate at The Show Box
  • 9:00 PM ~ RJ Marshall and Joe Wrigley at Equinox
  • 10:00 PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at La Croisette
Sunday 24-Mar-2013
  • 9:00 PM ~ Vialka and C├ędric Carles at MetaHouse
Monday 25-Mar-2013
  • 6:30 PM ~ Bloco Malagasy * at M�Lop Tapang in Sihanouk Ville
Tuesday 26-Mar-2013
  • 5:30 PM ~ Ritchy & Phil, Toma Willen and Seb Adnot at Dim Sum Emperors
  • 6:30 PM ~ Bloco Malagasy * at Otres Beach in Sihanouk Ville
  • 7:30 PM ~ Thunder & ST-Town at The Village
  • 8:00 PM ~ At Robiep, Bloco Malagasy *, DJ Degun and Rock & All at At Bhor in Sihanouk Ville
Wednesday 27-Mar-2013
  • 8:30 PM ~ Amanda Bloom at The Village
Coming Up
  • Dr. Eggs * at Equinox , The X-Bar in Siem Reap 
  • Durian Funk Band at The FCC Phnom Penh 
  • Scott Allan Knost * at Molly Malones in Siem Reap , Molly Malones in Siem Reap 
  • Kheltica at The FCC Phnom Penh 
  • Tango & Snatch and Dr. Eggs * at Sharkys 
  • Sistar and Tahiti at Koh Pich 
  • Kin at The FCC Phnom Penh 
  • Steve Sax at The FCC Phnom Penh 
  • DJ Jimmy Salsa at The FCC Phnom Penh 
  • Lady and the Tramp at The Village 
  • Brett Creswell and James at The Village 
  • Na Zdrovoie at Equinox 
  • Tiny Toones and Tiny Toones at Equinox , Equinox 
  • Dr. Wah Wah, Warren Daly, Shine On and Dina Chhan at MetaHouse 

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