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How to get to Wat Opot

How to get to WOMP! Wat Opot Music Program (Party!)

21st December 2014...it's a Sunday, get out of town for fresh air!

For Attendees / Visitors

1.) Tickets for buses (about 60 seats between the two) will be sold at National Museum (Street 178, Phnom Penh) is 4$ round trip and leaves at 10:15am. Get there early to get a seat!  If bus tickets are sold out there will be tuk tuks there for 30$ (share with 4 people) they know the directions and will get you there and back safely!

2.) The trip each way is 1 hour and 20 minutes. Cookies will be available on the bus! The buses will leave after final performance at 7:00 pm and you will be back in Phnom Penh by 8:30pm! Please note this concert is FREE. If you want to pay 5$ for the ticket (so I don't have to deal with change!) the extra dollar goes back to the music program. Tip..if you do want to donate, contact myself, Melinda or Wayne. Last year we had some wonderful surprises, as we do NOT actively solicit for funds.

There will be WOMP! balloons, signs and kids at the side of Highway 2 to make sure you don't miss the turn!!!
3.) There will be good food and drinks available (no alcohol, this is a Children's Community Center), plenty of clean spaces, tents and chairs for shade and rain and lots of toilets in the various buildings. There will be local security provided by the village. Also the kids craft center will be selling the jewelry and art pieces they make at the center.

4.) Because this is a day trip, in addition to the live music and dance stage, WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CHILLOUT AND RELAX. You will be in a nice place in the countryside. Walk around the greenhouse and garden. Visit the art and music buildings or take in the fantastic elephant sculptures!! Bring a blanket and take a nap and breath clean air!!! But above all....meet some of the Wat Opot kids, they'd love to show you around. Talk to the local villagers who will be there. This is a family oriented event.

5.) At around 6:00pm the main stage should be winding down (if jam sessions go on....so be it) and the Wat Opot kids and staff will move to the nearby temple for a 30 minute chilled out music and mediation session. The temple is a 2 minute walk from Wat Opot and a lovely place. I've (James Speck) hired a Buddhist "Smot Singer" from Cambodia Living Arts (fantastic voice) and will do a short performance during this time. Yes...we plan on sending a vibration to Black Holes in space.......be part of this.

6.) Get on the waiting air condition bus and go home with a smile on your face....sleep before you deal with Phnom Penh traffic again.....:(

"On the Winter Solstice of 21st December 2014 when the planet is furthest away from our golden sun, marking the shortest day of the year, and for some, the coldest...the warmest and brightest place on planet Earth will be at a place called Wat Opot in Takeo Province, Cambodia. Celebrate music, dance and humanity. No weepy NGO's!!"

by James Speck
P.S. : if anyone want to bring something.....bring Santa Claus hats for the kids...they go APE for those!! Really.

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