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Itchy Band Q&A

by Johnny Longbow

F**k Santa.

This Christmas Itchy Band’s coming to town.

Based in Chiang Mai, Itchy Band has been causing a stir in sweaty mosh pits around Thailand for the last three years with their unforgiving brand of party post-punk-rock. Their third EP, Mass Extinction, continues Itchy’s exploration of deep space, dark hearts and eternal curses.

Leng Pleng took the chance to scratch the ladies as they limber up for their nationwide tour of Cambodia:

LP: Why Cambodia Itchy?

Ra Ra: We've heard the Cambodian music scene is open to all styles and pays its bands well! Also, naturally, we want an excuse to cover Dead Kennedy's ‘Holiday in Cambodia’.

Ingi: It's our first step to take over the world.

LP: What's on the perfect Itchy rider?

Ra Ra: I'll take a team of hot roadies that double as masseurs; two bottles of Bombay Gin, soda, and fried chicken. Easy to please ;).

Ingi: I second Ra Ra, hold the chicken.

Bess: A magical wizard robe woven from the golden tears of a thousand emo unicorns, and Ingi's left-over chicken - waste not, want not! I'm easy to please.

Fon: Booze, male and female strippers, and a Jacuzzi. What else??

LP: Itchy's worst gig of all time?

Ingi: No mic, a broken PA, and a knife fight. Another time there was rain on stage and an electrocution. Toss up.

LP: Are the tropics ready for your brand of all-girl rock and roll swagger?

Ra Ra: We were born and raised in the tropics, baby. Maybe they're ready by now....

LP: So, are you as 'horny' now as you were back when you named the band? (Heads-up punters: “Itchy” means horny in Thai)

Ra Ra: I sure am.

Ingi: Ha! I don't take such a limited interpretation of our name...Itchy means itchin' to do crazy shit, whatever form that comes in. Get yours how you get it!

Bess: Itchy to rock, Itchy to roll, now more than ever.

In the words of Bess: “For the full Itchy Band brain-bleeding, face-melting, soul-shaking experience, you best come see us live.”

Itchy tour Cambodia in December.

Check them out on Facebook or at www.ItchyBand.com

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