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Kiss The Funky Monkey Q&A

Kiss The Funky Monkey are five fun-loving German guys, 'playing a unique punk-pop, funk-rock blend'. Their 2014 world tour has already included a one-month stop in Indonesia and, following their gigs in Cambodia, the band will continue to Thailand, New Zealand, the USA and Canada! Kiss The Funky Monkey took a break from their hectic schedule to answer a few questions for Leng Pleng:

Will this be your first visit to Cambodia? What are your expectations?
This is our first visit to Cambodia and we’re really excited! We’ve been touring Indonesia for 4 weeks and just realised that Cambodia is another experience! We love Phnom Penh and especially the fact that life is taking place out in the streets. People are very nice and friendly. Our goal is to play a series of good shows and simply have a kick-ass time with the audience. Furthermore we are keen on exploring the culture and history of this country. We are really glad we put Cambodia on our list.
If Kiss The Funky Monkey decided to set a dress code for a gig, what would it be?
Our preferred dress code would be: Moustache as a must for gentlemen because we think it looks funny and Victorian-style French overall dresses for the ladies because it’s hot! Full Body Banana suit would also be accepted at the door. 
The weather back home in Europe has been pretty severe this winter. If you could take a few weeks off and kick back in Asia, which destination would you choose?
Actually the winter has been quite mild this year and we missed out on the snowboarding season back home but that certainly doesn’t change the fact that we would definitely take a chance to have a winter getaway and relax the shit out of one of Asia’s beautiful islands, for instance Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. But we are also very much looking forward to checking out the beaches around Sihanoukville in Cambodia. Should be real good for some monkey relaxation business, too.
What is the driving force behind Kiss The Funky Monkey?
Money, cash, dollars, dough, cheese, fame and bitches….no just kidding. We're doing it all for the kick we are getting from rocking live shows. For us it’s all about having a great time out there on stage and sharing these moments with people. That’s what keeps the Monkey engine running. And it’s going on and on and on….
Before going on stage, what is the one thing Kiss The Funky Monkey cannot do without?
In fact we don’t need much and there is nothing in the world that can stop us from entering the stage, but a well prepared Cosmopolitan with those little umbrellas would be nice. Thanks.
What has been the most surprising thing about this world tour?
Along this world tour we have seen some amazing things, met some amazing people and had a hell of a time in Indonesia and Cambodia and for sure there’s more to come once we hit Thailand, New Zealand and the US, but it will probably always be the taste of durian that will stay in our heads as the most surprising experience.

- Greetings from The Monkey Pack.


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