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Weekly Gig Guide - Week Commencing Thursday 12th December 2013

Things move so fast around here, I sometimes feel that each week brings another round of farewell parties. I’ve been around for less than twelve months but people and places change so rapidly it feels like years. When I hear expats talk about arriving in Cambodia a decade (or two) ago, they often talk in hushed tones - as if talking about somewhere from the ancient past, far removed from the modern world. 
“I remember it as clear as day. Being stopped every one-hundred metres by Cambodian Military Police, forced to get out of the car while dogs and soldiers searched it. It was like that from 1996 probably until the end of 1997. I would see drive-by shootings take place from people still fighting the civil war. At that point firearms were legal to be held by all citizens. It was definitely the Wild West, there were lots of people carrying firearms. Foreigners driving round in Jeeps with anti aircraft guns attached to them. It was really insane, a crazy time, there were more weapons and police and soldiers and military people than any other sector of the foreign population. 70% military. 
That’s how Sharky started as a military bar catering to the Rock’n’Roll interests of the soldiers from overseas and from other parts of Asia, who wanted western rock music. Just like in the movie Apocalypse now, that’s why they play those old songs because of the desire for western rock music. That was the basis of Sharky’s first opening, catering to that demand and trying to find live music as much as possible but without much success.”

-          Michael Hsu, Principal Owner, Sharky Bar.

Happy Birthday, Sharky Bar. At the tender age of eighteen you are the big bad granddaddy of the expat music scene and Jack salutes you.

Sharky’s will be celebrating the occasion with Friday and Saturday performances from Niki Buzz & Band. If you didn’t catch Niki last time around you missed a great show from a bona fide music legend. I mean, the guy has toured with Ike & Tina Turner and James Brown... and that is just one line of his CV (sorry, American-English users, résumé). Door charge $3 from 7pm.

The Birthday vibe continues at Phnom Penh’s Heart of Darkness on Saturday as they celebrate an incredible 20th Anniversary. These guys make the Alley Cat Cafe look like a spring chicken. The youthful good looks of Alleycat restaurant manager Dallas Fellows are surprisingly deceptive, as his team have this week clocked up a respectable eight years providing food, booze and live music in a hole-in-the-wall off Street 19. The venue’s weekly Sunday Sundowner Sessions continue with new host Joe Wrigley.

Just when Jack was scrounging around for another Birthday-related gig to complete his write-up, the Cambo Headbangers oblige with news of their 3rd Anniversary bash at the Longbeach Hotel Plaza. When this email first hit the LP inbox I saw the words ‘Longbeach’ and ‘Pool Party’ and assumed the event was in Los Angeles. Closer inspection reveals that yes, there will actually be thirteen Hardcore, Deathcore and Rock bands gathered around a hotel swimming pool in Boeng Kak at 4pm on Saturday afternoon. Sounds like a party to me! Acts include the celebrated Anti-Fate, The Underdogs and Sliten6ix. Tickets $8, information here.
No Forever - www.kenedgar.com
Also entering the Diamond inbox this week, some great news from The Cambodian Space Project. Screen Australia has confirmed funding for Marc Eberle’s Not Easy Rock & Roll, a feature length documentary on  the band set for international TV and cinema release in 2014. Marc has been working on this film for years and now he can put together the final product. I predict a party atmosphere at their upcoming run of shows, beginning tonight at Bophana Center and continuing at Equinox on Friday night. The CSP’s journey continues with a weekend trip to the spiritual home of Khmer music - a show at Here Be Dragons in Battambang.

As always, please stay safe and I’ll see you around the traps,


Latest Gigs

Thursday  12-Dec-2013
  • 8:00 PM ~ Leon Kondo Trio at The Cabaret Restaurant
  • 8:30 PM ~ Open Mic Night at Paddy Rice
  • 9:00 PM ~ Diego Dimarques at The Groove
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Bophana Center
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Flo Tralala and DJ KNSTK at Meta House
  • 9:30 PM ~ Skank The Tank at The Laundry Music Bar in Siem Reap
Friday  13-Dec-2013
  • 6:00 PM ~ Sophie Rose Lewis , Melanie Brew and Bronwyn Blue at Le Jardin
  • 8:30 PM ~ Louise Norup and Barry Speirs at The Cabaret Restaurant
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Gang and DJ Rob at Pontoon
  • 9:00 PM ~ Krom at Madison Corner in Battambang
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Equinox
  • 9:00 PM ~ 20th Anniversary Party at The Heart of Darkness
  • 9:00 PM ~ 2 Shots and a Chaser at Paddy Rice
  • 9:00 PM ~ Station to Station at Paddy Rice
  • 9:00 PM ~ Dr. Wah Wah and DJ Nico at Meta House
  • 9:00 PM ~ Ace Duo at The Groove
  • 9:00 PM ~ BoxCrazy Party at The Show Box
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Phatt Controller at Kukuluku Beach Club in Kep
  • 9:30 PM ~ Jaworski 7 at The Slur Bar
  • 9:30 PM ~ Vibratone and DJ Polaak at The Doors
  • 9:30 PM ~ French Nostalgie and DJ Olland at Oscars 51
  • 9:30 PM ~ Niki Buzz & Band at Sharky Bar
Saturday  14-Dec-2013
  • 3:00 PM ~ The Cambodian Space Project at Here Be Dragons in Battambang
  • 4:00 PM ~ Cambo Headbanger III Years Anniversary at The Longbeach Hotel Plaza
  • 4:00 PM ~ Festival Of Light at The Ragamuffin House
  • 7:00 PM ~ Gypsy Soul Stomp Party at The Show Box
  • 8:00 PM ~ DJ Simon C Vent and DJ Cooper at Otres Beach in Sihanouk Ville
  • 9:00 PM ~ The Fumes at Equinox
  • 9:00 PM ~ Krom at Madison Corner in Battambang
  • 9:00 PM ~ DJ Edwardowski and DJ Island at The Laundry Music Bar in Siem Reap
  • 9:00 PM ~ Vibratone , DJ Mat , DJ D'Tonn and R Drum at The Silk Garden in Siem Reap
  • 9:00 PM ~ Barry Speirs and Ritchy Boisson at The Groove
  • 9:00 PM ~ MR + MRS Rampling at The RiverHouse Lounge
  • 9:30 PM ~ Niki Buzz & Band at Sharky Bar
  • 9:30 PM ~ Splitter and DJ Olland at Oscars 51
  • 9:30 PM ~ Joe Wrigley & The Jumping Jacks at The Slur Bar
  • 9:30 PM ~ The Klezbodians at The Doors
  • 10:00 PM ~ DJ Tonle Dub and DJ Mercy at Meta House
  • 11:00 PM ~ DJ Illest at Pontoon
Sunday  15-Dec-2013
  • 3:00 PM ~ Niki Buzz & Band at The Exchange
  • 4:30 PM ~ Ringtail at The 3Mangos Guesthouse
  • 6:00 PM ~ Krom at Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa in Siem Reap
Tuesday  17-Dec-2013
  • 5:30 PM ~ DJ Wez-T , DJ Funkelastiks , DJ Rob , DJ Rescue * and DJ Alan Ritchie at Koh Rong Samloem in Sihanouk Ville
Wednesday  18-Dec-2013
  • 9:30 PM ~ Marsyas at The Slur Bar
Coming Up
  • Marsyas at Equinox
  • Jahzad at Equinox
  • Vibratone at Equinox
  • Billy Page at Equinox
  • 2 Shots and a Chaser at Paddy Rice
  • Diego Demarques Trio at Equinox
  • The Underdogs at The Slur Bar
  • Laura Mam at Wat Opot Music Program in Kampong Speu
  • Jaworski 7 at Equinox
  • Jazz Festival at Village
  • Gabi Faja, AI Iawasaki and Bong Samnang at The Doors
  • Rhiannon Johnson Quartet at The Doors
  • Philippe Javelle and Anna mc keon at The Cabaret Restaurant
  • GTS Jazz and Stephane Routier at The Doors
  • Showbox Christmas Eve at Show Box
  • DJ Donabelle at The RiverHouse Lounge
  • DJ Tonle Dub, The Kimchi Collective and DJ Sequence at Meta House
  • DJ Bob Revo, DJ Cool Sam, DJ Star, DJ Tam, DJ Susu Dam and DJ Lefty at The RiverHouse Lounge
  • DJ M1 * at Pontoon
  • Sangvar Day and DJ Polaak at Equinox

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