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The Digs Q&A

The Digs are a hot soul, funk and Motown band from Toronto, Canada. They are about to begin a tour of Cambodia.

What is the connection between The Digs and Durian? Is this a semi-reunion? 

Well, being twins who grew up playing music together, Chris and I have always been inspired by each other.  The Digs have been around for almost 10 years and when Chris moved to Cambodia he wanted to bring that energy and spirit with him and started Durian.  Throughout our time here we will have the amazing Rhiannon Johnson singing with us and Chris is going to come up and play some bass for sure, so it’s definitely going to be a reunion of sorts.

The Digs are experts at making people dance. Which song do you pull out of the bag when you really want to make the venue go crazy?

Well we have a mashup of "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk and "I Want You Back” that never fails to get the crowd rocking! 

You guys are playing a lot of gigs around Cambodia over the next couple of weeks, which town are you most looking forward to visiting?

Well, of course we’re excited about every place we’re visiting.  Phnom Penh has probably the biggest crowds, but the Kampot weekend has the potential to be just nuts.  We’ve never been to Kep so it will be great to get to play a show for our first time there. 

If The Digs decided to set a dress code for your next gig, what would it be? 

Well, we love see the people dance, so wear something you won’t get hot in.  So birthday suits it is!

How has the Cambodian music scene changed since your last visit, and would the band ever consider moving from Toronto to Asia permanently?

The scene here seems really happening here.  There is live music all over the place!  We are trying to make as many connections as possible here because we are planning on coming back here every January! So it could be the start of something beautiful!

The Digs are playing: 

  • January 15th at Samai at 9pm as an instrumental Soul/Jazz Trio
  • Jan 16th at Equinox at 9pm 
  • Jan 22nd in Kep
  • Jan 23rd at Bodhi Villa at 9pm 
  • Jan 24th at Villa Vedici at 8:30pm 

Shawn Rompre Digs Productions 


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