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Weekly Wrap - Week Commencing Thursday 27th March 2014

It's hot, isn't it? These sweltering days are really taking it out of me. I turned up for an outdoor gig yesterday that started at 7pm, and nearly passed out before the end of the first set. The combination of dehydration, heat stroke and alcohol can make people do strange things at gigs. I saw one large, middle-aged gentleman approach the singer performing at FCC – The Mansion and shout into her left ear 'you sing like a pussy!'. I found it difficult to understand why the gentleman thought it necessary to bawl this statement into the performer's ear whilst she was in the middle of singing the song. From the look on the faces of some of the audience members, they were also intrigued. Was this part of the act? Proceedings escalated into the realm of comedy as the singer called 'Hit The Road Jack' as the next song. She spent the next few minutes chasing the offending gentleman around the venue whilst singing '...don't you come back no more no more...' very loudly and very close to his face. I guess that's why they call it The Silly Season...

Even as the weather heats up to daily highs of 35 degrees or more and the number of tourists on the streets drops off a little, the Phnom Penh music scene is still going strong. We might have a bit of a dead week around the time of Khmer New Year in April because many venues will be either closing or not booking gigs. However, for now, there are still plenty of opportunities to see great live music. 

What happens when some really great jazz musicians combine their talents for a special 'Jazz Manouche' project? The answer is 'Made in France' – a collaboration between Kae 'Sylvie' Lhassan and Sebastien Adnot. The vocal and acoustic guitar duo will be joined at Cabaret on Thursday evening by special guest Alex Scarpati on trombone. There is something about 'Gypsy Jazz' which captures the imagination. The fast tempos, driving rhythms and dark chromaticism evoke a moustachioed and elegantly-attired Django Rheinhardt - with cigarette perched between his lips and nimble fingers dancing up and down the fretboard. 

Seb will be a busy guy this weekend. It just so happens that he plays bass in two of the country's finest bands and, as such, he will be appearing at Equinox on consecutive nights. Jahzad and Dub Addiction are well worth seeing and this is not just because they are comprised of superb musicians but also because both bands are doing something unique and inspiring in the Kingdom. Jahzad will return to Equinox on Friday with their own hot fusion of ska-reggae and horn-heavy jazz. Professor Kinski's Dub Addiction ('Cambodia's only ragamuffin dub band') will play the same venue on Saturday. The Professor told us that new singer Jimmy Kiss will be featured a little more at the Equinox show as the band is preparing to preview some material from their forthcoming album. 

Jahzad - www.kenedgar.com
Jimmy Kiss will be showcasing his own songs at Doors Phnom Penh on Tuesday as part of an evening of music entitled Corrie and Kiss. Singer-songwriter Charlie Corrie and Jimmy will take centre stage with respective sets of self-penned numbers. The guys will be backed up by Phnom Penh musos Phillipe Javelle and Joe Wrigley. Charlie has been taking time out from live gigs recently and as a result the soulful UK artist, with the movie-star good looks, has a few new songs to premier. This will probably be quite an interesting and intimate show. Tickets $3 on the door. Check out Charlie Corrie's soundcloud page here.

Charlie Corrie
Until next time, stay wary of Silly Season and take it easy out there. Check out the below video from Chris Gargiulo, featuring a recent Dub Addiction show at Slur Bar.


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