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Weekly Wrap - Week Commencing Thursday the 7th August 2014

“For someone who didn’t have too much idea of what was going on in the world outside Australia, the thought of travelling around the world playing music to different cultures seemed an interesting, exciting and very scary prospect. ...I left Australia for the first time in my life in 1987. I bought an around the world ticket for a year, not intending to go for more than a few months. My budget was small, only $1,500 spending money and $1,000 in the bank in case of an emergency. My backpack was just a simple nylon pack with a light aluminium frame. I had my guitar, a Pignose amp, about 8 inches in diameter which ran on 8 large batteries and a guitar cable. I fixed the Pignose to my back pack with wire and gaffer tape, to make it easier to carry. 

...If you want to travel around the world on a working holiday, playing and performing, earning enough to cover your food, accommodation and travel expenses, still have enough money left over for other great times and hardly spend any of your own money... well, welcome to troubadour travels.”

-          - Graham Cain, 'Troubadour Travels'

Watch this space for a full Leng Pleng review of Graham’s book Troubadour Travels. In the meantime, check out www.troubadourtravels.com for further excerpts, photographs and to purchase the book. The man himself will be performing an early-evening show at The Exchange this Saturday. Graham has also taken over the reins of Bring Your Skillz – the open mic session taking place each Monday night at Slur. The hugely experienced performer also shows off his talents during his weekly slots at Sharky Bar (Tuesdays), Bar Barbados (Thursdays), and Sundance Inn & Saloon (Fridays).

Bacano hit Sharky Bar on Friday for a special show celebrating the birthday of Brentrix - the band’s percussionist and backing vocalist. Brentrix is a talented harmony singer with a large kit bag of interesting instruments such as guiro, triangle and shakers made from discarded tin cans. His snappy sense of dress and flowing platinum-blonde locks make him a familiar face on the Phnom Penh music scene – many happy returns, Brentrix. Bacano, along with the newly-created Luis Latin Trio, have helped fulfil the long-felt need for more great Latin music bands in Phnom Penh. Pavel & The TenTipz also rock many Latin classics as part of their repertoire – the trio play Oscar Rock Cafe on Thursday and Slur Bar on Friday. 

Fresh from three live dates in the metropolis of Hong Kong, Joe Wrigley & The Jumping Jacks return to Bodhi Villa in Kampot on Friday. The gig reunites the ‘Tallest Rhythm Section in South-East Asia’: drummer Andy Potter and bassist Andre Swart. Dwarfing their lead singer (and everyone else in the room), the two star players keep the 1950’s rockabilly music flowing with plenty of ‘train’ beats and walking bass lines. The weekly live music and DJ party is always a great a night and should be particularly fun on this occasion as venue impresario Huge Monroe celebrates his birthday. The ‘Jumping Jacks Express’ bus then continues on to Sihanoukville for a show at The Led Zephyr on Saturday night. The band members are returned to their normal Phnom Penh habitat for a gig on the 16th August at FCC – The Mansion

Andre Swart performing with Daniel Talstra. Pic - Alex Leonard

Bob Passion provides the must-see Phnom Penh gig of the week at Slur Bar this Saturday. The singer, guitarist and self-styled ‘Artgitateur/Artventurier’ is a great performer and always dresses like a rock star. He is a co-organiser of the annual Kompong Som Khmarnaval celebration and works to help underprivileged Cambodian children in Sihanoukville. On Saturday Bob will perform fun, high-tempo punk music with both The Schkoots and Lop Lop.

The party continues until the early hours of Sunday morning at Meta House with the launch of Space Garden. This is a new residency featuring German DJ Antaro of the ‘VooV Experience’ music festival and the ‘Spirit Zone’ record label. Expect progressive house and techno. Meta House told Leng Pleng that the night will feature ‘special drinks, ambient floor, light and art installations, video projections, chill-out area, performers and lots of surprises!’. Sounds like a cool way to end the night.

Until next time, stay safe out there and.... see you around the traps!


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