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Weekly Wrap - Week Commencing Thursday the 4th September 2014

Graham Cain has condensed decades of practical knowledge and experience into the pages of Troubadour Travels – Traveling Musicians Guidebook. The book takes the form of direct, practical, generalised advice. In relation to performing music as a solo artist in small venues and public spaces around the world, Graham Cain really has 'been there and done that' to an extraordinary extent. He has busked in forty-degree heat on a dusty Indian street, and also given a solo concert for a Princess in a French ski resort. After more than twenty years of being a travelling musician, Graham is showing no intention of slowing down. The travelling troubadour is currently based in Cambodia and perhaps readers can look forward to a future edition of the book featuring Graham's insights on the burgeoning music scenes of Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and Siem Reap.”

Visit the author's website www.troubadourtravels.com for excerpts, photographs and to purchase the book. Meanwhile, Graham Cain will be performing regurlarly in Phnom Penh. The travelling troubadour hosts the Bring Your Skillz open mic every Monday at Slur Bar and also performs each Thursday at Bar Barbados and each Friday at Sundance Inn & Saloon. He will also be at D'Beat every Saturday night in September.

Joe Wrigley by Ken Edgar
Joe Wrigley & The Jumping Jacks begin a two-month residency at Slur Bar this Friday. The band will be playing alternate Wednesdays and Fridays until the end of October. The Jumping Jacks' repertoire is a mixture of covers and originals inspired by 1950's era Americana. The quirky mix of rockabilly, country and rock'n'roll usually works well with a rowdy, late-night weekend crowd. Joe is noted for (or perhaps notorious for) playing long shows that exhaust his long-suffering band mates. This has earned him the nickname 'The Ken Dodd of Rockabilly' (Ken Dodd was a British comedian who always played shows lasting several hours). This fact might also partly explain the high turnover of band members in the Jumping Jacks! Joe told Leng Pleng

'Things have settled down a bit since ace drummer Andy Potter [Niki Buzz Band] and expert bassist Aymen Ghali [Hot Club de Phnom Penh] have joined as permanent members. We're rehearsing a lot now as a trio and aim to keep things fresh with different soloists joining us for gigs. On Friday at Slur Bar we've got amazing visiting fiddle player Graham Kemish with us, which makes the act a lot more country'.

Sharky Bar unveil a packed bill on Saturday night under the banner of Blood-Stock (Brutal Aural Assault). A raucous and energetic show is guaranteed as five punk and metal acts share the stage. The night should be a memorable one for several reasons. Fearsomely-good frontwoman Laura Snook has been working with a new rhythm section to give Psychotic Reactions a new musical dimension. Splitter are returning from a several-month hiatus. Nightmare AD are a Misfits tribute band feature Mike Priest from the renowned Singapore-based metal band Absence Of The Sacred, while Sexploited are a tribute to Scottish punk metal band The Exploited. Bob Passion & The Schkoots complete the bill with their great French punk style.

Offering something completely different on Sunday, Meta House host the latest in an ongoing series of classical music recitals taking place in their downstairs gallery/performance space. Age of Elegance comprises of chamber music from the European courts composed by Jean Marie Leclair, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Christof Schaffrath and George Frederic Handel. The recital will be given by Steve Retallick (violincello) and Anton Isselhardt (flute) with guest violinist Ashley Pensinger-Sok. For reservations contact 077 787038.

Sonic Detergent by Ken Edgar
Joshua Chiang continues his weekly September residence at FCC – The Mansion this Wednesday, aided by percussionist Pervaz Smart. The silken-voiced frontman of Sonic Detergent gives an impressive treatment of a very wide range of pop and rock songs – showing off his impressive vocal range and finesse.

Until next time, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!


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