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Weekly Wrap - Week Commencing Thursday the 20th November 2014

- Sean 'Calvin' Barrett, 'On Sangvar Day and The Journey of The Riff'

'Don’t matter/the fish/nor your land/but all you gotta do is plug this in/and beautiful scenes/from a big flat screen/and flashing lights/in your only room/free of charge'

- Mekong Drums, 'Sangvar Day' EP.

Sean 'Calvin' Barrett takes us on a journey into the centre of Phnom Penh-based hard rock band Sangvar Day. There he finds a French socialist composer, an Italian who will not stand still and the infinite wisdom of The Riff. Sean got the low-down from the band on their brand new 6-track EP entitled 'Sangvar Day' and found out why Sangvar are so relevant to Cambodia right now. Read the full article here.

You can hear the band for yourself this Friday night at Equinox at the release party for the Sangvar Day EP. Should be a special night with a number of guests set to join the band on stage, including avant-garde French-Cambodian electro musician Lafidki. And by the way, the EP sounds great. Lead singer Robin Narciso told Leng Pleng: "The party should be massive. We asked several colleagues - from Professor Kinsky of Dub Addiction to Nicolas from the Mekong Pirates - to join us on stage on Friday...It's gonna be an epic night!"

Dave Cox of Mekong Messengers – pic courtesy of artist

Mekong Messengers return to the Phnom Penh music scene on Saturday night following a six-week absence. The country music and 'Americana' influenced six-piece hit Slur Bar on Saturday night, followed by a gig on the 29th November at FCC – The Mansion. The special aspect of this band is lead singer Kristen Rasmussen, possessed of a stupendously powerful and soulful vocal. Latterly the Mekong Messengers have been joined by lap-steel guitarist Dave Cox, who lends an added touch of Nashville-style authenticity.

Five live acts and a host of DJs perform at the Best of Phnom Penh Street Party taking place on Saturday at Equinox and D-Club. Street 278, sometimes known as 'Golden Street' (due to the preponderance of guesthouses and bars using 'Golden' in their name), will be the location for outdoor action including live painting, break-dancing and beat-boxing from 3pm. The Underdogs, Vibratone, Adobo Conspiracy and Psychotic Reactions line-up at Equinox from 8pm. Next door at D-Club, eleven DJ's include DJ Mendy and DJ Solo from Bangkok. Should be one heck of a party.

If, like us, you haven't seen Kok Thlok around for a while, take the opportunity to catch them tonight at Cabaret. The Khmer-fusion ensemble combines Khmer traditional instruments such as the tro and roneat with familiar Western instruments. A Kok Thlok show is always fun and interesting.

Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!

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