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Lafidki Q & A

Lafidki is Saphy Vong, a sound and visual artist. 'He is a Berlin-based solo musician with a background from Cambodia who is messing around with abstract electronics, noise and sequenced multi-layered rhythms. Playing live is for him always an experiment within the situation of spontaneous thinking and decision-making through the energy of people & space.'

How often do you get the chance to play live in Cambodia?

I've played in Kampot, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Siem reap and several times in Phnom Penh.

Will your show at Meta House comprise of music only, or a combination of different media?

On Friday I will play a live set with visuals

Can you name an artist you admire that you would most like to play a live show with?

Tomuttontu from Finland is a unique artist, I really want to play a live show with him, I was surprised to see him in the audience when I played in Tampere.

The arts and music scene in Cambodia seems to be growing fast these days. What do you find exciting about the Cambodian scene right now?

The arts and music scenes in Cambodia are growing but not really fast, the scene is interesting because nothing is done compared to other cities in South-East Asia, traditional and contemporary arts should be more connected. 

If there was a special 'Lafidki' cocktail on the menu at your gig, what flavour would it be?

My last EP was called "Absynthax" so probably a cocktail with Absinthe and synths :)

Lafidki plays Meta House on Friday 16th January 2015.


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