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Weekly Wrap - Commencing Thursday the 12th March 2015

M’Lop Tapang has been working with the street children of Sihanoukville, Cambodia since 2003

Khmarnival is a street parade and live music event which takes place each March in downtown Sihanoukville. The annual event is organized by musician Bob Passion and NGO M'Lop Tapang who work together with street children and families to create three afternoons of colourful processions and three nights of live music. Jimmy Kiss will headline a concert on Thursday night and Miss Sarawan Band will close Friday night at the Old Theatre in Sihanoukville. Sounds like a great Cambodian-style outdoor event and a great party! A third, smaller, concert will take place on Saturday night at the Bhor Motor Garage.

Bacano will return to Sharky Bar on Friday evening as a quintet – featuring Chris (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jorges (backing vocals, various instruments), Pavel (lead guitar), Jedil (drums) and Ten (bass). Each one of these guys is a superb musician in their own right and, as with all good band line-ups, they come together to produce a sound that is even greater than the sum of the parts. The Bacano sound is extremely rhythmical and groovy – provoking outbreaks of spontaneous dancing in every room they play. The band's Spanish-language set is loaded with interesting covers, including a version of 'Juntos' by Columbian artist Juanes. Group leader Chris 'Chino' De Nogales let Leng Pleng know that Bacano will play this new cover song for the first time at the Sharky Bar gig.

The superb and energetic Kok Thlok band will appear at Slur Bar on Friday night. The Khmer rock'n'roll fusion ensemble features traditional instruments such as the roneat ('Khmer xylophone') and tro ('Khmer violin') alongside saxophone, guitar, drums and bass. It is always fun to see so many players, and three singers, squeeze on to the small Slur Bar stage. Kok Thlok bring a fun atmosphere with them to every gig. Even if you will not be able to understand their lyrics, you will definitely understand their vibe.

Kok Thlok
A huge event will take place on Saturday at the former lakeside of Boeng Kak, Phnom Penh. The Boeng Kak lake was filled in with sand a number of years ago as part of a 'development' project by a private company. Thanks to a very active community of protesters still based in the area, the issues of land seizures, evictions and displacement at Boeng Kak are still very much in the Cambodian news. Alongside this community, a small number of guest-houses and traveller hang-outs have continued to do business even after most of the lakeside tourism trade has disappeared. There is now a hip arts scene based around Simone Bistrot. This weekend, the venue will host a large roster of great bands and musicians under the banner of Art Festival.

Dub Addiction have chosen the Boeng Kak event to unveil their long-awaited new album, Khmer Dub Empire. The ace raggamuffin rockers will play a live set and will also be making the album available to purchase on specially-produced USB sticks. Awesome Cambodian songstress Srey Leak will be performing alongside other artists from Klap Ya Handz. A host of other performers and DJs, not to mention acrobats, dancers and graffiti artists, will be there to make this event one to remember.

Check out the video below to hear Srey Leak singing alongside Dub Addiction's Professor Kinski on the track 'Pel Ro Leum Srech Srech', produced by Klap Ya Handz


Whatever you're up to over the next few days, stay safe out there and... see you around the traps!

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